I have QTAC Payroll manager 2012-13 MSI with me. Msi fails to installs in silent mode.

Database upgrade fails in Silent mode. many customactions and it is difficult to figure out whats going wrong. If anyone has already worked on this, please help me.



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  • This old chestnut...

    It's almost 99% certain that the CAs are in the User sequence only. Of course, the User sequence doesn't get run in silent installations. Copy them to the Execute sequence in your transform.
  • Adding the property WISE_SQL_CONN_STR with the value DRIVER=SQL Server;SERVER=(local)\QTAC;UID=SA;PWD=*****;APP=QTAC1213 did the job for me to install the application silently.

    But now i have a different issue with this. This package when pushed through SCCM fails to upgrade the database(this is done using a customaction).
    But when i test the installation with the SYSTEM account(psexec -i -s cmd.exe), the installation was successful.

    I knew that SCCM performs installation using SYSTEM account. but couldn't figure out what is the difference between the SCCM installation and the SYSTEM account installation(psexec -i -s cmd.exe).

    Can you help me on this?
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