I've been working with the K1000 for over a year now and am on version 5.4.76847. Most of my machines are on agent

5.4.5315. From my understanding, when a software distribution is setup, it distributes and installs software based on check-ins. If the distrubtion is set to kick off at then next available time, when a machine checks in, software should install. So, by theory then, a force check in script that hits multiple machines should cause them to start the software install, but in my experience it very rarely does.
What does work though is individually going to every machine's inventory in KACE and doing a force update, that will almost immediately cause the software distrubition to kick off and do it's install. And i can literally go through a list of 140 machines and do force updates all in a row and all the installs will work.
So why does a force check-in script not do the same thing? It's a bit of a pain to manually click through every machine in my inventory
Thanks for any insight
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The machine does not know about the script till it checks in, same as a MI

You can scearch for labels under the computer inventory check the box in the


then use the drop down and force check in on that label group

Answered 06/04/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • Well the force checkin script seems to work because when i go back to my inventory - the Last Sync time is updated for the machines that i did the force checkin for, but yet the managed install doesnt go off. I'll try it the way you suggest the next time i need to deploy something though. Thanks!
    • Do you have your MI setup properly? I often find that the target Operating Systems have not been chosen and that would cause them to not fire off.
  • Sometimes i don't, but we're mostly XP here, so that specifically wouldnt be the issue. What i find is that when i test the MI it works great because i'm only testing it on a couple of machines at a time. And when i only test a couple at a time, i do individual force updates through inventory.
    It's when i go to distribute it on a wider scale and use a Force check-in script to have a larger number of machines check in at once, that the MI doesnt work.
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What we do, and I'm not sure if it will help you is create a label for new imaged machines. I apply that label to the force check in script. When the agent gets installed the first time it creates the label. Those machines then check in as often as you have the script run. Once the time set in the label is met then it drops out of that label, and continues checking in as normal.

Here is the label I use. You can modify it to match what you need. I just need Win 7 x64 machines that match a certain name. After three hours the machine drops out of this label.





where (((  MACHINE.NAME rlike 'CW|MW|UW') AND MACHINE.OS_INSTALLED_DATE > DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 3 HOUR) AND OS_NAME = 'Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise x64'))
Answered 06/04/2013 by: dugullett
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