I just read about the Force Check In script and thought I could use that to make some PCs check in on demand and start the MI. I have an MI set to Execute Anytime, and my pc is associated to the MI and the force check script.

When I click Run Now on the check in script, the klaunch and kinventory processes start on my PC, but the installation doesn't start. If I go into my computer inventory, I see that my pc synced at that time. If I click the Force Inventory button for my pc, those processes will start; then msiexec starts and properly installs the package.

Do I need to add something to the Force Check In script to make it behave like the force inventory button?

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Check in and inventory are two different things that can happen at the same time depending on how you configured your check-in and inventory intervals.

You can check the intervals here:

Settings>K1000 Agent>K1000 Agent Settings

Or if you have organizations enabled: System>Organizations>your org>

Look for agent run interval and agent inventory interval.  It defaults to every 2 hours.

The Force Check-in script only has a machine check in, not update inventory, so that's why the Force Inventory button works.

You can force a managed install to run on a machine by running this in a command prompt (assuming Windows):

c \
cd Program Files\Dell\KACE\
runkbot 6 0

You could add "runkbot 6 0" to the check in script if you wish.

Answered 09/20/2012 by: jknox
Red Belt

  • Thanks. I created a script that only runs the runkbot and it's working great.
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