is it possible ot pass environment variable in xml file ?

i have one xml file, which is having hotcode entrie like "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\APPNAME\AUDIT.INI"

I need to set as environment like "%userprofile%\appdata\APPNAME\AUDIT.INI"

any body using environment variables throuh xml file.

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  • are you using an MSI and AdminStudio (Installshield?)
    Then this is very easy...
  • we are using wise
  • can you explain how we can do with adminstudio ?
  • There's no reason why your XML file couldn't contain data in any format, including enclosed with '%'. The problem arises with how you deal with the data having read it.

    Wise has no native handling for XML files (or any other text file apart from INIs, come to that). You'll need to handle that in a scripted Custom Action. There are some very good class files around which make using Microsoft's XML object much easier.

    InstallShield does handle XML files, wherein you simply use the standard formatted text as the "input". It's all in the help file, obviously. I think it's unlikely, though, that if you're a Wise shop that your employer will want to spring another few thousand dollars on licenses for a new product just to get XML handling. Of course, given that Wise is a dead product line, now is probably a good time to be looking at migrating, albeit you'll be about 18 months late.
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