Can anyone help me to disable auto updates for Mozilla Firefox 3.6.10 application?

Thanks in advance.
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Have you looked in the knowledge base? You'll find the information you require in there, I've added the link at the top of the thread!

I'd recommend the CCK Wizard add-on
Answered 09/28/2010 by: timmsie
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If you're looking at preventing the average user from re-enabling autoupates you could also consider a locked preference file.

This requires taking a copy of a prefs.js file from a firefox profile and changing user_pref to lockPref for all preferences you want to lockdown. I use a single master file and set only options such as proxy, ntlm auth, updates off etc then i byteshift to obfuscate the values by byteshifting (http://www.alain.knaff.lu/howto/MozillaCustomization/cgi/byteshf.cgi using a value of 13) to create a cfg file.

Once you have a cfg file you need to modify .\firefox\greprefs\all.js and locate:

pref("general.config.obscure_value", 13); // for MCD .cfg files

Below this add:
pref("general.config.filename", "myrules.cfg"); // My locked down preferences

Dump the myrules.cfg in the root of firefox and thats it. As long as users don't have R/W to .\firefox it prevents most users from re-enabling settings you don't want on.
Answered 10/01/2010 by: dodgy
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For Re-Packaging Firefox latest versions, you can follow this link:


Answered 06/06/2012 by: piyushnasa
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const Help01_Text      = "Please run this script using CScript."  
const Help02_Text = "This can be achieved by"
const Help03_Text = "1. Using ""CScript script.vbs arguments"" or"
const Help04_Text = "2. Changing the default Windows Scripting Host to CScript"
const Help05_Text = " using ""CScript //H:CScript //S"" and running the script "
const Help06_Text = " ""script.vbs arguments""."

const ForReading = 1
const ForWriting = 2

dim args
dim fso
dim filename, wfile
dim orfile, owfile
dim str

if not IsHostCscript() then
wscript.echo(Help01_Text & vbCRLF & Help02_Text & vbCRLF & _
Help03_Text & vbCRLF & Help04_Text & vbCRLF & _
Help05_Text & vbCRLF & Help06_Text & vbCRLF)
end if

set args = wscript.arguments

set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

if args.Count = 1 then
filename = args(0)
if fso.FileExists(filename) then
on error resume next
set orfile = fso.OpenTextFile(filename, ForReading)
if not err then
wfile = fso.GetBaseName(filename) & "_.txt"
set owfile = fso.OpenTextFile(wfile, ForWriting, true, 0)
if not err then
owfile.write encrypt(orfile.ReadAll, 13)
wscript.echo "Successfully created file " & wfile
wscript.echo "Error create/open file " & wfile & ". 0x" & hex(err.Number) & " " & err.Description
end if
wscript.echo "Error open file " & filename & ". 0x" & hex(err.Number) & " " & err.Description
end if
set owfile = nothing
set orfile = nothing
wscript.echo "File " & filename & " not found."
end if
wscript.echo "Error. Missing text file as argument."
end if

set args = nothing
set fso = nothing

function encrypt(str, n)
dim i, out
for i = 1 to len(str)
out = out & chr(asc(mid(str, i, 1)) + n)
encrypt = out
end function

' Determines which program is being used to run this script.
' Returns true if the script host is cscript.exe
function IsHostCscript()
on error resume next

dim strFullName
dim i, j
dim bReturn

bReturn = false
strFullName = wscript.FullName
i = InStr(1, strFullName, ".exe", 1)
if i <> 0 then
j = InStrRev(strFullName, "\", i, 1)
if j <> 0 then
if LCase(Mid(strFullName, j+1, i-j-1)) = "cscript" then
bReturn = true
end if
end if
end if

if err <> 0 then
Log("The scripting host could not be determined. Error " & Hex_Text & hex(Err.Number) & Space_Text & Err.Description)
end if

IsHostCscript = bReturn
end function
Answered 04/02/2015 by: rainfog
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