We recently got a trial of the Dell XPS 14z laptop and it will not boot into our K2000 boot environment.  It sees the K2000 and gives the menu to choose a boot environment.  After you choose a boot environment it starts to load the boot environment on the loading screen with the dots (....).  After a couple seconds it just freezes.  If I turn the laptop off and back on sometimes it will get further than the last time but it freezes every time.  Is this a problem with the K2000 boot environments (I've tried multiple - 32-bit and 64-bit) or an issue with the PXE support in the BIOS of this laptop?  I have no issues with other laptops or desktops.

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seems like you need to upload the latest Dell XPS drivers to the K2000

Answered 04/10/2012 by: Aaron Cool
Red Belt

  • I will try that but I thought driver issues would come into play after the environment loaded. For example, I've had network drivers not work in the past but the boot environment still loaded.
  • Did you get any other Error messages or did it stalled at a cmd prompt?
  • I tried loading extra drivers into the KBE (network, chipset) and that did not help. The error message I got was:

    "Loading kbe0054.iso .......................................................... Boot failed: press a key to retry, or wait for a reset."

    Any time I've had issues on this loading screen either not loading or being slow it was resolved with a BIOS update. There is currently no other BIOS updates for the XPS 14z at this time. I submitted a ticket to KACE support.,
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I had a similar problem with the E6420 when we first got it.  You will need to update the K2000 with newer drivers to support the 14z.  Upload the drivers to \\k2000\drivers\kbe_windows_x64 pr x86, dependant on your platform.

You will then need to rebuild the KBOX Boot Environment for the platform.

It took me a long time to figure this one out.  I thought that merely uploading it to the share was enough, but you actually have to re-create the KBE inorder for it to integrate the new drivers.  If you pay attention during the PXE boot process, you'll see the KBE**.iso be transferred over and all the (...) dots as the iso is loaded to your computer.  If you don't have the current drivers integrated into the ISO then it'll hang.

I hope thats all clear enough.  Good luck.

Answered 04/10/2012 by: lan.pham
Third Degree Blue Belt

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Did you Recache the Drivers after uploading them to K2000? 

Answered 04/10/2012 by: Aaron Cool
Red Belt

  • That I did not do... I'll try that.
  • I just tried that and it's still not working. I'm leaning towards a possible BIOS issue.
  • Did you try to rebuild a new KBE for this XPS machine?
    What version of K2000 are you running now?
  • If the re-cache does not work, we had a similar issue and had to update the BIOS. Alternately, we had an XPS 13 that we had to downgrade one revision as the new BIOS was buggy.
    After that PXE boot worked fine.
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