I have a ticket that sends emails to another queue (i.e. anotherqueue@test.com).  I have verified the ticket rule is working, as I see the emails in the mailbox of anotherqueue@test.com.  The issue is I am not seeing the tickets in KACE in the 'another queue' queue.  My other queues creating based on emails are working correctly.  Is the issue simply the fact that the sender of the email is KACE (otherqueue@test.com)?  Here is the configuration from the receiving queue.


Allow all users as submitters: 
Allow all users as approvers: 
Ticket Owners By Label:
SharePoint Department

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Accept email from unknown users: 
Allow ticket deletion: 
Allow parent ticket to close child tickets: 
Grant read/edit permissions to users with an Admin role(admin portal only): 
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  • Everything, but 'Allow parent ticket to close child tickets:' is checked.
  • I am not sure why this is not working as we send kace reports to the service desk so the support team can review them.

    Try this
    1. Check the logs on the server (I don't know which ones)
    2. Create a new service desk queue and assign the email as root@yourkbox. This might reveal the problem on your box and also allow you to see more system level emails being generated.
    3. Do the same thing for www@yourkbox
    • Will start checking the logs. I did notice sending an email to the queue using the Ticket Rule is not working for even a queue that receives emails and creates tickets normally.
      • [Edit] The ticket rule does work... those emails really took their time. This is a queue email config issue?
  • Unfortunately, nothing comes across in the logs as relevant. This seems to a TIcket Rule issue, where emails sent as a result from the query are not recognized.
    • Just curious how long was the delay?
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[Edit] The ticket rule does work... those emails really took their time.  This is a queue email config issue?

Answered 05/28/2014 by: mscott@crgt.com
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