I've created a rule that moves new Tickets to In Progress as soon as they are assigned an owner.  I would like to create a similar that makes the first service desk commenter on a new ticket the assigned owner and changes the status to In Progress.  If a submitter comments on their own ticket, it wouldn't change status.  (Service Desk members have their own label.)  Any suggestions are welcome.
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  • This is an interesting idea for automatic ticket assignment. Let me see, I might have a custom ticketrule that could be similar.

    First of all it should be checked if the ticket already has an owner, not that it changes the owner by the ticket rule. Then it should be proved who wrote the comment. By the way, how many people are processing the tickets?
    • Tier 1 is 4 individuals; Tier 2, which typically won't be grabbing tickets initially is 5 and may expand.
    • So that I understand you correctly: 4 people are handling the tickets, i. e. one of these 4 people processing the ticket.
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