Hi, I can deploy silently a software with command line, but after when I want to open the software, it askes me the licence key.
Do you now the command lines to put my serial number in this, for than I can deploy completly the software silently?

Thank you!
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The answer to the question is dependent on what switch's the software provider built into the installer. I would recommend contacting them to see if they have a switch to pass in the license information.

Answered 07/14/2015 by: TheAustinDave
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what software specifically?  there are many variations for this type of input.

as example:

setup.exe /s /v /qn SERIALNUMBER=1122334455

msiexec /qn /i myinstaller.msi SERIALNUMBER=1122334455
Answered 07/15/2015 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • Thank SMal.tmcc, it's for Minitab 17.
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Minitab uses a license manager whether networked or standalone.  It just points to itself in a standalone setting and should be unique for every machine.  I recommend a license server this is what we use and you just point it to the server with the license server switch

-<Product Name="Minitab17">
<PackageRef Path="Core\Core.msi"/>
<PackageRef Path="LanguagePacks\en-US\LanguagePack.msi"/>
<PackageRef Path="LicenseAgreement\en-US\LicenseAgreement.msi"/>
<PackageRef Path="License\MU\Licensing.msi"/>
-<Product Name="Bootstrapper">
<PackageRef Path="Bootstrapper\Bootstrapper.msi"/>
-<Product Name="SoftwareManager">
<PackageRef Path="SoftwareManager\SoftwareManager.msi"/>

for minitab tab the licensing.msi file inside the setup.exe uses the switch MINITAB_LICENSE_FILE=@yourlicenseserver or if you are using other then default port MINITAB_LICENSE_FILE="27000@yourlicenseserver"
Answered 07/16/2015 by: SMal.tmcc
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Can you give please me a example of this type of switch?

Thank you!
Answered 07/15/2015 by: moba-junior
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