There don't seem to be many articles addressing license standards (and this could be because people keep much better track of it!) so I must come to you, once again my ninjas, for learnage.  You have guided me through MI's and SQL and many other awesome things, now I think it's time to learn scripting / batch files.


I've got Magical Jelly Bean's keyfinder and I've tried License Crawler but I'm not finding any "easy" way to execute these on other machines, very very quietly, like a .... ninja.

In one of the articles I kind of jacked a little run sequence:  "\\PC-WITH-KEYFINDER-INSTALLED\c$\Program Files (x86)\Magical Jelly Bean\keyfinder.exe" /savecsv "\\PC-WITH-KEYFINDER-INSTALLED\c$\Program Files (x86)\Magical Jelly Bean" /close


but even locally it doesn't seem to do anything.  Note:  I am a script new-born, and the only script I've been able to write is a KACE dependency to push out shortcuts to other desktops.

Also, paying for a keyfinder is kind of last resort, as we are on a network and there should be no reason why I can't reach everyones registry to query some info.


I'm open to some way of using keyfinder/license crawler (or another free, manipulative key finder) or learning a fun script all out.



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  • Also:

    I have ran this VBscript from this website:


    and it works great... now I wonder if there is a way one of you script pro's can help teach me to manipulate it to run remotely and then create a saved text file with the results....

    I'll play with it in the meantime.
  • So I got the domain license key working, and have successfully retrieved ALL windows licenses for my domain.

    This is GREAT. HOWEVER.... I want more....

    I want more programs.....

    Going to see if I can edit up the script some more and just tell it to look for more keys in specific spots....

    Just updating the post, still open to all kinds of ideas :)
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see if this gives you any ideas:




Answered 10/14/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • any one in particular you prefer in there for finding DOMAIN keys? I see all these free keyfinders (but am wary of downloading and trying each one....I like my job and find some things too "risque").

    I'm trying to decipher the script on the linked blog but if that's the one you're suggesting, I can dive into that one
    • The product depends on what licenses you want see. I have used produkey with kace

      If you looking for one key and want to bring that into kace this is one way to do that. You can also use this as different scripts for each software and create multiple txt files and read each one in with a different software inventory.

      • I'll check out produkey.

        I guess it may be vague but I want every license for every thing.


        Thanks for the links (Searching LICENSE or LICENSES or similar in the search didn't give me these, I'll have to do better :P)
      • Spoke too soon...

        Looks like produkey has a riskware attached to it (as it is freeware) so my guard does NOT like it....

        moving on :)
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