Hello everyone, I'm new to KACE and this website actually. I'm learning how to use KACE still I've only been using it for a little over 2 weeks as I just started this job as a Help Desk Analyst. Anyways, my boss wants me to find a way to customize the columns in KACE for the inventory and assets sections. Pretty much he doesn't want to have to click on say Computer 287 to see what OS it is running, things of that nature. He would like for those to be displayed in the field when the list is populated. I have been looking and reading and have not found an answer anywhere. Is this possible to customize it in this fashion? We have using KACE K1000 Management Appliance Version 6.4.12026. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated.
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  • My Service desk tells me that prior to upgrading to 7.0 they had a column heading on the default view for login. is this accurate or did they have a custom view that was always available first?
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From the main Inventory screen, click on the small cog symbol over on the right hand side, and select the column visibility item from the drop down menu, you will then be able to choose the columns to display on your inventory listing
Answered 08/18/2016 by: Hobbsy
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  • Thanks Hobbsy! I kind of feel like an idiot a little bit on that now. But I'm curious about the asset screen.
    When I try the same method there it only gives me a select number of choices. In our Asset list we have other things such as printer and computers listed there as well.
    I would like it to display the IP address for example of the item as well and that is something that is not in the column visibility section or the custom view. I do not see anywhere that I can actually add that field to the display. I hope that makes sense.
    • You will have to change the "View by" filter on the Asset list page to you relevant asset type and then more columns names of that asset type will appear in the Column visibility section.
      • Thank you AbhayR
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