[Tick:360400]  Opened 12/17/2013

From a paying customer point of view, this ticket is not getting the support it deserves. I've been trying to ugprade to 5.5 since early December and opened a ticket on 12/17. I haven't been available every business myself, but the slow respones from Kace are compounding the issue. A tether was setup and I guess someone from Kace did something. The issue was slow to escalate as stated by one of the Kace techs I spoke with.

At the moment, nobody can logon to the K1000 user portal, but the adminui works fine. I don't know if it's related or due to the tether or if I should open another ticket.

Kace support has routinely been one of the best I've worked with. I'm hoping this issue is a one off and we'll get the reliable support we've grown accustomed to.

As noted in my last email response I'm not available from 10:00am-12:45pm EST today (1/30/14)

Kace support has told me they are not available until 12:00pm EST M-F which seems a little odd for "Dell Kace", but as long as we get support, the time doesn't matter. It does create a bit of a problem when Kace support doesn't start until 12pm EST (9am PST) and I'm here from 4am to 3:30pm, and then Kace doesn't respond to me until 2:21pm EST. I notified Kace support 9:18am on 1/24/14 that I'll be leaving at 1:30pm that day. They responded at 2:21pm (5 hours later) asking to schedule a time the day I return when I had made it clear I was not there after 1:30pm.

I'm keeping the names of the 2 reps I worked with in this ticket out of this post as I believe anything can happen and everyone has emergencies. But again, as a paying customer, the entity of "Kace support" should be able to do better.

I miss the days when we could reach out to Corey and then speak with him at the Konferences. That one man provided more quality support over the first couple years than one person should ever be asked to do.

Still love the product and I know Kace support is capable of great things. Looking forward to hearing from and working with somebody.


Thank you,

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  • have you tried going into the ticket and choose "request priority callback" under desired customer status, add a commment and save. I keep pushing them with constant updates of the ticket when they start ignoring me.
  • Thanks! 15 minutes after my post, I received an email from the rep letting me they would be in the office in a few hours. That was completely acceptable in this case and I appreciated the contact. No way to know if it was my post or my email that did the trick, but the end result was sufficient and she called me when she said she would.

    She's correcting some tables on our server at this moment. For anyone who is considering Kace in the future and reads this, please know that Kace is a great product and occasional support issues happen everywhere. I have very few complaints about Kace or their support and the duration of this ticket is partially my doing as noted above. I had to get some ground covered with this upgrade though, hence the post.

    End result: Kace came through.
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