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I've just started installing KACE 1000 and only just beginning to understand how to use it.  I've a question that I've not found the answer to in the forums yet.

I've a number of Dell PCs that are on my KACE1000 system. These PCs are in various stages of upgrading and I need a simple way to work out what type of memory each one has so that I can order some more so that each PC is at the maximum amount.

KACE tells me that a particular PC has 2 Gb (say) and can take a maximum of 8 Gb.  But unfortunately it doesn't seem to say what type is actually installed. 

For instance memory for an OptiPlex 760 tower could be either DDR2 PC2-6400 or DDR2 PC2-8500, and I have both types out there in the PCs.

Is there anyway I can query KACE to determine what memory type is installed in each PC or am I going to have to do this the hard way?

Many thanks

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  • Many thanks to both people who answered my query. Didn't know about the wmic command (or CIR) so going to have a lot of fun with that. Thank you.
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The closest you are going to get is to create a CIR that uses the wmic to query the memory then google the part numbers to get that detail.

under each machines area it would look like:

you could then google the info:

Answered 01/13/2015 by: SMal.tmcc
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Not directly. If you are good with scripting (or google) you can see if there's a script or registry value that can give you that information and integrate that into KACE via the Scripting or Custom Inventory Rule methods.
Answered 01/13/2015 by: h2opolo25
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