When a user submits a ticket from our user portal I would like that ticket to have a field that auto fills the computer they submitted it from? Is that possible? I know from the user portal you have the "My Computer" section. I even think in the past we had our appliance doing this before but can't remember how? Any ideas? As of right now we just have a drop down for "computer/asset" but most of our users aren't too keen on putting there computer name in.

Any ideas? any help much appreciated.

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  • The Device field should auto populate right now if the user sends in a ticket via email or open through the GUI on the non admin side and also someone that isn't a ticket owner.

    It will select the Device the use last logged into.

    It won't auto populate by default if the ticket is opened by a ticket owner or someone with admin rights on the KBOX but other than that, it should do it out of the box already.
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