Are K2100 Scripted Installations supposed to auto reboot the system into windows for the first time after kace boot environment postinstall tasks run?

I did my first Scripted Install today, it worked but I have 2 questions/concerns about the overall installation plan.

1) Why after performing the only kbe postinstallation task which was a successful driver feed (run in the kbe before windows' first boot) did the system return to the scripted installation section of the kbe instead of automatically rebooting (which was the next required step of the installation plan)?. I had to manually reboot by selecting the restart option in the kbe.

2) Would adding a batch script postinstallation task (that runs in windows) to restart the system (before the rest of the postinstall tasks run) prevent those other postinstallation tasks from continuing after the reboot and automatic login? For example rebooting after Service Pack 1 postinstall task and continuing with remaining postinstall tasks. Or does it not work like that?

Answer Summary:
Do not use driver feed workaround with scripted installs.
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Are you talking about the driver feed workaround? You shouldn't need to run that with scripted installs. 


Also take a look at this if your image contains multiple reboots.

Answered 08/14/2012 by: dugullett
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  • Thanks for responding, I'll check that link out. Regarding the scripted installation not automatcally rebooting after the kbe postinstalls, why did I have to select to reboot out of the kbe? The scripted installation had reached the "Reboot (Exit Boot Environment)" part of the installation plan.
    • What are your midlevel tasks? Can you list them?
      • only one task: a driver feed task that I got from the following link:

        The following itninja link referred to the above link:

        The K2100 version is 3.4 BTW. Pretty much, I downloaded the zip, added it as a mid-level postinstall task (the task is correctly configured). It's a driver feed task zip that contains a batch that calls the driver feed task executable to run. After the Windows 7 OS installation, a command prompt popped up showing the drivers downloading and installing on the system (a total of 77). After that one and only task it returned to the scripted installation page of the kbe and just sat there.
  • You wont need this task if doing scripted installs (drivers are done automatically). That task is for system images. I've never tested it on a scripted install, but I bet that's where you problem lies. Try taking it out and let me know the outcome.
    • Thanks, you were right, did another scripted install on a different system (same model) without that task. Good to know that. Thanks alot for your help, much appreciated.
      • That task does work great for system images. So if you are planning on doing those make sure you keep it around.
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