I have systems that currently get configured with alot of local gpo changes due to public user access. These system are not part of an active directory domain. I'm looking for the best way to either copy/apply the policy changes to multiple computers or to make these changes in the registry but have them only apply to non-admin user accounts.

I've tried all the suggestions that come up in google to copy the policy to another system but all are failing so far.

Any suggestions would be great.

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GP comprises a bunch of registry data. Write it all out to a .REG or series of .REGs and then import into the other machines.

Answered 06/12/2013 by: VBScab
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  • You should find all of the policies either at HKLM\Software\Policies (for machine policies) or HKCU\Software\Policies (for user policies).
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If are running win7 and the policies are user level you can migrate that user from one machine to the others.  For machine policies you will find them where Chuck lists and also under HKLM\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\policies.  I also read a question another ITNinja posted who was coping the C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy dir to other machines for this purpose.  Will look for that link

Answered 06/12/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • I've tried to export the registry setting and import to another workstation. Causes that system to not boot. The system that I am coping the policies from do not have the directories under c:\windows\system32\GroupPolicy. I would assume there is a way to do this but so far no luck.
    • What does the one do that does not boot?

      Did you try just doing one import at a time and seeing which import breaks the machine. You may want to break the reg imports into multiple parts to see what is the actual culprit. You should also be able to get into safe mode and view the logs.

      post the logs or the reg merge's that would help others to give input.

      Have you thought of doing a backup and then syspreping the box to be a master to image to the others.
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This sounds like a nightmare. Can you just use imaging in this kace? (pun intended).

Answered 06/12/2013 by: jegolf
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