I have a presentation in Powerpoint. But for some reason I can not open it on the laptop. Writes that: "Unable to read the structure of ..." It's very strange, because the version Power Point, on the laptop and PC alike. (2013) What could be causing this problem?

On the PC, open without any problems. But I need to be opened by the presentation on the laptop. The problem still is that the version of the file on the PC I already deleted and emptied the Recycle Bin. That is, at the moment there is only a copy on the laptop and a flash drive.

I hope for your help. Thank you.

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  • did you link other files that are on the pc instead of imbedding them?
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In myopinion there are several reasons that could cause this.

First -this is a faulty flash drive.

The second- error occurred while copying.

The third -the presentation contains files (such as images) format which does not allow toopen the file.

Try torestore the file to your PC and copy it again to the laptop, but using adifferent flash card. Restore, you can use this program: http://www.powerpoint.recoverytoolbox.com/

You canread about your problem here: http://www.filerepairforum.com/forum/microsoft/microsoft-aa/powerpoint/242-​can-t-open-the-file-ppt


Good luck.

Answered 10/03/2014 by: LaurenceTrottier
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What happens if you copy the file on the flash drive back to the PC it has been deleted from? This is the obvious step to take in order to determine whether the file is corrupt or there is an issue with the installation of powerpoint on the laptop.

Flash drives are of very variable quality so it is somewhat likely that if this was the method of file transfer, the file itself could be corrupt, especially if the key was removed without first dismounting it.

Answered 10/05/2014 by: EdT
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It is a sign that your PPT presentation iscorrupted. Hence you have to act quickly to repair your presentation file.There are lots of factors accountable for corruption or damage of PPT/PPTXfiles. Some of them are listed below:

·        Applicationmalfunction due to improper installation of MS Office on your PC can makedamage PowerPoint files

·        PPT file getscorrupted because of improper way of recovering a deleted/lost PowerPoint byusing unreliable PowerPoint

·        Errors such as poweroutages, unexpected system shutdown, loss of internet connectivity, etc whiledownloading PPT presentation file from net would lead to damage of PowerPointfile structure

·        Forcefullyclosing PowerPoint file while you are editing it can make it corrupt

·        Change the PowerPointfile format to another and back to original format (for example from PPT toPPTX and again from PPTX to PPT) may also corrupt your PPT file

Try to restore the file to your PC and copy itagain to the laptop, but using a different sd card.

To restore, you can use this program: https://www.sysinfotools.com/recovery/ms-powerpoint-repair-software.php


Answered 01/19/2017 by: virat8586
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