I have a problem with the Agent update ... Whats the best way to uninstall the Agent prior the installation? Always getting error 1603 ...etc. How  did you solved the problem?



Verify that the file \\Domain\Data\DeployDFS\Software\Common\KACE\ampagent-5.5.30275-x86.msi exists.

On Success

1. Log “5.5.30275 Installation started, Aufgabe 1” to “activity”.Edit
2.Launch “\msiexec.exe” with params “/i "\\Domain\Data\DeployDFS\Software\Common\KACE\ampagent-5.5.30275-x86.msi" HOST=Server /qn /L*v "$(KACE_DATA_DIR)\5.5.30275.log"”.


Log “Starte Aufgabe 2” to “activity”.





1. Verify that HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{B2EAC5C3-B13A-4DCD-89A3-A45502614000}!DisplayVersion is not equal to 5.5.30275.

2.Launch \wscript.exe with params "$(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR)\netuse.vbe" \\Domain\Data\DeployDFS\Software\Common\KACE.

On Success

1. Log 5.5.30275 Installation wird gestartet, Aufgabe 2 to activity.

2.Launch \msiexec.exe with params /i "\\Domain\Data\DeployDFS\Software\Common\KACE\ampagent-5.5.30275-x86.msi" HOST=Server /qn /L*v "$(KACE_DATA_DIR)\5.5.30275.log".


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  • I been having issues deploying the new agent. Have you tried since machine provisioning? Is not working for me, I checked replication shares and I can see the file residing at the share. I can run it manually but is not installing using script nor single machine provisioning. I submitted a ticket to KACE support, I will post what we find out.
  • You want to use the KBOX single or advanced provisioning to remove they agents when possible but as for updates, you should use Agent Updates from KACE to push out new versions as SMal mentioned below. It will remove the old agents, update with new one and try to fix any bad files if needed.

    There really should be no need to use the scripting module in the KBOX to update agents as the KBOX has something in place already that is pretty efficient.
    • OK, but i have a large number of Agents (5000). Is there a way to update only a sepecific range? i don't want to have to much load on the network ...
      • You can use machine labels to determine who gets the updates and state it. Under Agent updates from Kace you can select the label or labels you want. Once they are done, you can move onto the next one.

        Based on your check in internal, all the machines wouldn't do it at once. If you have 5k machines, they probably check in ever 4 to 6 hours which in theory you can do all at once without any major issue.
  • I also tried it this way …. msiexec.exe /i \\SHARE\Data\DeployDFS\Software\Common\KACE\ampagent-5.5.30275-x86.msi HOST=HOSTNAME /qn but it doesn’t work at all! The installation starts, the old version (service) disappears and nothing else ...broken installation (no new agent version etc.).
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I did not have to uninstall the old one, the new one removes the old one.

usually 1603 errors are rights problem.  why are you not just letting the kbox push it out itself?

If you want to push it the way you are use the \\kbox\client\agent_provisioning\windows_platform share for your file source.

msiexec /qn /i "\\\client\agent_provisioning\windows_platform\ampagent-5.5.30275-x86.msi" HOST=kbox.acme.com

Answered 02/11/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

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