Adobe Reader XI MUI Installation does only install English.

I have a problem with the installation of Adobe Reader version 11. With vesion 10 everything worked well.

I downloaded the MUI client from Adobe "AdbeRdr11000_mui_Std.zip" and created a MST file with the wirzard. The setup does not install the locale folder with the additional language files when I'm using silent paramter like qn/qb/qr. There are also missing other language files(filesname are same but the have another extension like .DEU for German) in other folder.

Only when I run the setup interactive this folder will be created. I tried this with and without an MST file always the same result.

Does anybody had the same problem and may a solution?

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  • Hi all, someone got a solution for the Language Bug? The offical Adobe solutions like interactive setup and /sAll command line switch do not work....
  • I've got the same Problem and I wanted to keep it simple:
    Prereqs:AdbeRdr11000_mui_Std.zip and CustWiz11003_en_US.exe
    1. Unzip AdbeRdr11000_mui_Std.zip
    2. Do an administrative install with acroread.msi from unzipped Archive to any Folder you
    3. Copy Setup.ini from unzipped Archive to your just created Folder of admin ibnstall
    (CustWiz will Need it to create mst)
    4. Start CustWiz make your changes and create a mst (thinking it will work but it wouldn't)
    The trick is to overwrite everything under locale with the data you've created with the
    administrative install under locale (see answer from H4xX02Z)
    5. When done create your mst (Do not save to msi just create mst)
    6. Start install with msiexec /i TRANSFORMS=Your.mst /qn => done
    ( Result: Folder "locale" is installed correctly and AdobeReader uses OS-locale)
    Hope I could help
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I think I solved the problem.

I had the same problem like you. The "locale" folder didn't install, so only english was available. 
I install the Adobe Reader 11 MUI normaly (not in the silent mode) and choose another language as english. 
After the installation I found the "locale" folder in the Programmfolder of Adobe Reader.
I copied the locale folder into the Customitization Wizard an overwrote all files.
Then I install the created setup and i works.

Good Luck

Answered 08/14/2013 by: H4xX02z
White Belt

  • Hi, but then the install will only work for the specific language you've installed previous, or?
    • After the workaround with the local folder it works perfect like it should. It chose the right language but it's also possbile to use select language at the start of adobe reader or same as operating system. I checked German, English and French. Thanks to H4xX02z
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I got this working by using the direct editor in ACW and adding the property LANG_LIST with value en_US,ca_ES,eu_ES,bg_BG,zh_CN,zh_TW,cs_CZ,da_DK,de_DE,es_ES,et_ET,fr_FR,hr_HR,hu_HU,it_IT,ja_JP,ko_KR,lt_LT,lv_LV,nl_NL,nb_NO,pl_PL,pt_BR,ro_RO,ru_RU,sk_SK,sl_SI,fi_FI,sv_SE,tr_TR,uk_UA

You can probably remove not needed languages.

For some reason the property LANG_LIST is removed when you create a transform with ACW, the property LANG_LIST exists in the MSI.

Answered 12/11/2013 by: PhaZerSE
White Belt

  • Thanks, worked here!
    You do not need to edit it directly.
    You can edit setup.ini file (available only in Adobe Reader MUI *.exe, you need to extract the exe to see the setup.exe, AdbeReader.msi and setup.ini inside it) and in CmdLine (at [Product] section) and add LANG_LIST="en_US,ca_ES[...]tr_TR,uk_UA". (languages that you want to support).

    My setup.ini file (Install Adobe Reader showing only progress. Apply 11.0.6 update at install. Install all languages (it will use the actual language of the system). Used Customization Wizard to create AcroReader.mst with custom settings (Disable EULA, Disable Product Updates, and more). Hope it helps someone):

    RequireOS=Windows 2000
    CmdLine=/spb /rs

    1033=English (United States)
    1031=German (Germany)
    1036=French (France)
    1034=Spanish (Traditional Sort)
    1040=Italian (Italy)
    1043=Dutch (Netherlands)
    1046=Portuguese (Brazil)
    1044=Norwegian (Bokmal)
    2052=Chinese Simplified
    1028=Chinese Traditional
    ; http://www.itninja.com/question/adobe-reader-xi-mui-installation-does-only-install-english
    CmdLine=TRANSFORMS="AcroRead.mst" LANG_LIST="en_US,ca_ES,eu_ES,bg_BG,zh_CN,zh_TW,cs_CZ,da_DK,de_DE,es_ES,et_ET,fr_FR,hr_HR,hu_HU,it_IT,ja_JP,ko_KR,lt_LT,lv_LV,nl_NL,nb_NO,pl_PL,pt_BR,ro_RO,ru_RU,sk_SK,sl_SI,fi_FI,sv_SE,tr_TR,uk_UA"

    [Windows 2000]

    [MSI Updater]
  • Hi,
    worked for me, too.
    This is a good way if you want to create a silent install package.
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Hi guys!

Do You have any resolve for this issue?

I have the same problem right now and have no idea haw to resolve it.


Answered 11/21/2013 by: LaResistance
White Belt

  • Yes, install the setup at a client. After that you have to import the folder "Locale" in the wizard to add the missing files. The MST is much bigger than before but it works after that.
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Try to use the AdbeRdrSD11000_all.msi instead. If you are not going to use the setup.exe during the installation and decides to use the MSI instead on your current media, it will be installed in English by default. You can later install the updates like AdbeRdrUpd11001_MUI.msp which will be like a  MUI pack. Hope this helps.

Answered 05/22/2013 by: dj_xest
Fifth Degree Black Belt

  • AdbeRdrSD11000_all.msi is the "Adobe Reader XI Spelling Dictionary Pack". It does not install the languages just the additional spelling files.
  • Ok. Are you not going to use one of the MUI packs like AdbeRdrUpd11001_MUI.msp? That one I am sure has all the language you need.

    But if you don't have a choice but to use the setup.exe, just pass the arguments to Windows Installer and see, http://kb.flexerasoftware.com/doc/Helpnet/isxhelp12/IHelpSetup_EXECmdLine.htm.

    What I do to achieve a multilingual package is this:
    1. Use the base MSI and slipstream with MUI patches.
    2. Create MST using ACW.
    3. Finalize the package using ORCA or Wise.
    4. Adobe Reader with MUI packs - Done!
  • As I know the msp are patch files. Which mean base installation with msi and quarter or out of circle patches via MSP. I'm I wrong with that?!
    • Adobe has just updated their website and they now have a better look compared before so it will be very easy to find what you need now. All you have to do is take some time to read it.

      Here is the formula for my AIP taken from: http://www.adobe.com/devnet-docs/acrobatetk/tools/AdminGuide/aip.html

      Acrobat pattern formula: Base release + latest quarterly + latest out of cycle patch)

      Acceptable: 11.0.0 > 11.0.01 (Q) > 11.0.02 (OOC)
      Acceptable: 11.0.0 > 11.0.03 (Q)

      Reader pattern formula: Last MSI + latest quarterly + latest out of cycle patch)

      Acceptable: 11.0.0 > 11.0.01 (Q) > 11.0.02 (OOC)
      Acceptable: 11.0.0 > 11.0.03 (Q)
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Did you create the MST using this tool: http://www.itninja.com/link/adobe-customization-wizard-xi-1 ?If yes, then maybe you can set all feature and components from installation to be installed.

Answered 05/23/2013 by: terebent
Second Degree Brown Belt

  • Yes sure I created the cumtomizing with the adobe wizard XI. But there are not really options for the language. If you select silent installation you just can select one instalaltion language but the other languages should be available. When you install it interactiv there are no options but you have all languages available.
  • When you just customize the reader then there is no graphical interface for the features, just the MSI tables. I tried to modify them but without success.
    • Edit the mst created, go to feature table and set the Level for all feature to "1".
      • It set all features to 1 same result when using MST for installation no language files.
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Normally, when installations fail or certain features are missing only when the install is run silently, the culprit is a Custom Action which appears in the InstallUISequence but not in the InstallExecuteSequence.

Answered 05/23/2013 by: VBScab
Red Belt

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Yes, I know that this topic is old, but I found some new info.

I, too, have had this problem where not all the language files are put in place for the Reader MUI.

Not only is the Locale folder missing, but others folders are files are missing.

Do a clean install of Reader XI MUI without any customization.

You'll see that under the Reader folder there are other folders like Locale that have multiple language related files and folders. 

Just recently, my French users reported that while their Reader GUI is in French, they cannot add their initials or signature to a pdf via the "Fill & Sign" option on the toolbar.  I tested in English and it works, but when Reader is in French (or any non-English language)  it doesn't work.

I do Windows builds for my customers.   I looked back through to see which ones had Reader XI MUI and if the language files were missing from all of these.

It turns out that Adobe released a different Customization Wizard at some point.

If I use the earlier Customization Wizard (CustWiz11000_en_US.exe) the language switching in Reader XI MUI works with no need to add in missing language files.

The Customization Wizard that caused me these language issues was CustWiz11003_en_US.exe.

Answered 03/27/2017 by: SpottedTreeFrog
White Belt

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May this is a bug because have a look to the sort order in the folder list. It should be under Legal but is under Browser. The German language files has a key icon which means it's not possible to deselect it for installation.

Answered 05/23/2013 by: Lars
Blue Belt

  • Same problem here. Maybe this http://www.adobe.com/devnet-docs/acrobatetk/tools/Wizard/installoptions.html#silent-install-bug indicates a current bug also for Adobe Reader? I tried the solution there but it didn't work: Still no "locale"-Folder after installation.
  • Yes this seems to be the same problem in Adobe Reader installation. I also had no luck with the "setup.exe /sAll".
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