I have been dealing with Adobe Reader patching issues with KACE for a few months now with no resolve. The last webex session I had with Dell, we determined that the signatures are in fact downloading into the patches folder on the system. For some reason, they are not updating. I have tried looking at our Group Policy settings, tried updating on a lab box in various ways including, moving the PC in and out of OU's, manually updating (which doesn't work), creating an isolated Adobe patch schedule, etc. Nothing has changed with our security settings and this is not happening on all machines. 

I have very frustrated users who are getting prompted by Adobe to update Reader. 

Has anyone had a similar issue? Any resolutions? At this point, we are having issues (and have been since November) with Adobe Reader, iTunes, and Java. For this thread, I am just trying to get from Adobe Reader X 10.1.9 to 10.1.13.
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You appear to have a fundamental issue with your installation of Adobe 10, especially if the patches will not apply during a manual install.  Did someone do something truly moronic such as editing the original installation MSI directly rather than using a transform?  If they have, then that will be the reason why no future patches will ever install.
As VBScab has pointed out, the truly simple answer to your question will be found in a verbose log of a manual attempt to install a patch.
Answered 02/16/2015 by: EdT
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I was having some patching issues around that time and had to apply this Hotfix. Have you done so?

Answered 02/12/2015 by: rockhead44
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  • I will be double checking today. We've spun up a VM with a fresh install of Win7 instead of our corp image. Trying a couple things and then calling Dell again.
    • Best of luck. I just wanted to throw that out there since my patching issues started around the same time and that Hotfix resolved them.
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<< manually updating (which doesn't work) >>
I'm wondering how an automatic process would magically work where the manual process doesn't...

Did you log the manual install? If not, how on God's green Earth are you going to debug the failure, be that manual or automatic?
Answered 02/13/2015 by: VBScab
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  • No idea. Just making sure I leave no stone unturned. I was actually able to get it to work with another patching run I did on my VM so that pretty much stamps out the manual vs. automatic theory mentioned above. Just ran on a different VM and it didn't work so I've sent the KaptureState logs over to Dell. We'll see what the prognosis is.
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