ManageSoft joins the HP OpenView Solution Alliance Program

ManageSoft Corporation, a world leader in corporate software configuration management solutions, today announced joining the HP OpenView Solution Alliance Program to provide solutions to customers for Desktop and Software Configuration Management. The two companies will work together on the integration, marketing and co-selling of ManageSoft 6.2 and HP OpenView Service Desk to provide an IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) closed-loop service management solution that streamlines IT service delivery and dramatically reduces IT costs for organizations.

HP OpenView Service Desk streamlines critical IT service-delivery and support processes for organizations. ManageSoft 6.2 is a comprehensive software configuration management solution, providing policy-based distribution, updating, and self-healing of software applications; plus hardware and software asset tracking, license management and automated Windows migration. The joint solution enables organizations to rapidly implement a comprehensive cost-saving solution for tracking, reporting, controlling, and supporting global IT software and hardware assets.

"HP is a world-leader in IT service management solutions for enterprise customers," said Walter Elliot, ManageSoft CEO. "ManageSoft's new relationship with HP will build on our rapidly expanding market share worldwide. For HP OpenView customers, ManageSoft adds a powerful software configuration management solution to the HP OpenView portfolio. ManageSoft gives HP OpenView users improved monitoring and control for fixed and mobile IT assets anywhere in the world. This improves help desk responsiveness and time to resolution, which can significantly reduce IT costs."

"HP is delighted to welcome ManageSoft Corporation as an HP OpenView Solution Alliance Partner," said Jim Grant, Vice President and General Manager of the HP OpenView Business. "To achieve ongoing IT savings, enterprise customers are looking for service management solutions built on industry best practices like the IT Infrastructure Library. ManageSoft is a natural complement to HP OpenView Service Desk; together they provide a compelling ITIL-based IT service management solution for our customers."

ManageSoft 6.2 integrates seamlessly with HP OpenView portfolio products including HP OpenView Service Desk and HP OpenView Network Node Manager. ManageSoft also embeds industry best-practice ITIL Release Management and Configuration Management processes in core functionality, online process documentation, and templates. Critical points of integration between ManageSoft 6.2 and HP OpenView Service Desk include:

--CLOSING THE LOOP ON IT SERVICE MANAGEMENT — ManageSoft 6.2 adds ITIL Release Management and Configuration Management to HP OpenView Service Desk.

--ENABLING MORE ACCURATE INVENTORY TRACKING — ManageSoft 6.2 populates HP OpenView Service Desk with minute-by-minute hardware and software inventory information for desktops, laptops and servers located anywhere in the world.

-- STREAMLINING IT SUPPORT — ManageSoft 6.2 can generate HP OpenView Service Desk incidents for any software-related event, for example if a software installation fails.

-- REDUCING HELP DESK INCIDENTS — ManageSoft automated self-healing prevents problems before they occur. Manually initiated self-healing can resolve problems with one click.

The HP alliance with ManageSoft will be launched this week in Lisbon, Portugal at HP Software Universe, the largest annual HP software event in Europe. ManageSoft is a Platinum sponsor for this major conference, which is expected to attract thousands of attendees from across Europe.

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SMS 2.0 Feature Packs Released!

Microsoft has just released the first two Feature Packs for SMS 2.0: the Software Update Services Feature Pack and the Administration Feature Pack.

The SUS Feature Pack comes with the following solutions:

- Security Update Inventory Tool

- Microsoft Office Inventory Tool for Updates

- Distribute Software Updates Wizard

- Elevated-Rights Deployment Wrapper Tool

- Web Reporting Tool with Web Report Add-ins for Software Updates

Click here for details and download

The Administration Feature Pack includes the following utilities:

- Manage Site Accounts Tool

- Transfer Site Settings Wizard

- Elevated-Rights Deployment Wrapper Tool

- Web Reporting Tool

Click here for details and download

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InstallShield and Red Bend Remove the Pain from Software Updates

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., November 14, 2002 - InstallShield® Software Corporation, the acknowledged leader in software installation, packaging, and deployment solutions, and Red Bend Software™, the leading provider of solutions for simple and efficient deployment of software updates, today announced the immediate availability of vBuild™ 1.0 for InstallShield Professional™, a revolutionary new approach to create and deliver minimal-size software updates.

Software updates can be painful for both developers and end users. The constant need for new versions, bug fixes and feature enhancements often requires large files and a long deployment process. vBuild enables developers who use InstallShieldÂ’s Professional 7 product to effectively manage, create and deploy their software with technology that dramatically reduces download size-without any of the pains normally associated with software updates.

“The technologies that vBuild has integrated into this tool greatly reduce the media size of the packages that we generate,” said Tylee Gooderham of Trading Technologies. “Our customers will benefit from this in reduced download/transfer times, especially those connecting over lower network bandwidths. vBuild’s simplicity and intelligence make it a huge addition to our packaging mechanism.”

vBuildÂ’s industry leading byte-level updates allow developers to achieve up to a 95 percent reduction in package size, for significantly smaller and faster downloads. End users no longer need to sit through prolonged downloads that risk interruption; instead they receive quick and painless access to the latest software updates.

“Our customers are constantly seeking reliable ways to improve their software update distribution capabilities, not only to reduce bandwidth costs, but also to improve the end user experience,” said Viresh Bhatia, CEO of InstallShield. “Combining the strength of InstallShield Professional’s feature set with Red Bend’s advanced software update technology provides our customers with a powerful, pre-integrated update solution that meets their needs.”

Seamless Integration vBuildÂ’s seamless integration with InstallShield Professional saves developers time by allowing them to create packages without additional programming or scripting. vBuild works directly with compiled InstallShield setups, automatically extracting the necessary information. vBuild also automates various steps to streamline the update creation process, and creates packages that have the same media format as packages built with InstallShield Professional 7, with the setup logic and user interface files copied unchanged from the original media.

Single Distribution Package

With vBuild, every download is custom tailored to the specific needs of the target PC, so no unnecessary files are sent. Developers only need to build and post a single universal distribution package that supports all users, relieving them from having to choose between several different download options.

Powerful Compression

For new files and full version setups, vBuildÂ’s advanced compression provides a 15 to 40 percent reduction in installation size.

“We are pleased to be part of InstallShield’s commitment to its developers and end-users,” stated Yoram Salinger, president and CEO of Red Bend. “With vBuild, InstallShield empowers its Professional 7 users, providing them with the best solution available for easy and dependable software updates. vBuild supplements InstallShield’s reputation for comprehensive, state-of-the-art solutions.”

Pricing and Availability (US) vBuild for InstallShield Professional is available immediately from InstallShield, its online eShop, and through a network of authorized resellers and distributors worldwide. The product is available for $2,999 (US - MSRP). For a limited time, InstallShield is offering an introductory price of $2,499 (US - MSRP), as well as a special bundle offer of InstallShield Professional 7 plus vBuild for $2,799-a savings of $1,399. Information on InstallShieldÂ’s complete line of products, and professional services is available from or by calling 800-374-4353.

About Red Bend Software

Red Bend Software provides solutions for software developers that enable simple and efficient deployment of software updates over any electronic channel. Red Bend products combine tools to easily create, manage and deploy updates, with technology that dramatically reduces size of update files. Red BendÂ’s solutions benefit both developers and end-users by making software updating manageable, cost-effective, fast and reliable. Red Bend Software, founded in 1999, is a privately held company headquartered in Boston, MA with R&D center in Rosh HaÂ’ayin, Israel. For more information, visit .

About InstallShield Software Corp.

InstallShield Software Corp. is the acknowledged leader in software-distribution and software-deployment solutions for independent software vendors and corporate IT systems administrators. InstallShield technology powers deployment for the top 100 independent software vendors and is used by more than 200,000 corporate and commercial software developers and systems administrators worldwide. InstallShield is headquartered outside of Chicago in Schaumburg, Ill., with European headquarters in Bristol, England. For more information, visit

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ManageSoft 6.2 - now available - to reach a global market

Just 12 months on from its corporate re-branding, ManageSoft Corporation, formerly Open Software Associates, has emerged as one of the fastest growing software management vendors worldwide. ManageSoft Corporation's latest product release, ManageSoft 6.2, now available, provides a comprehensive software management and Windows migration solution for large organizations. ManageSoft 6.2 will be distributed through the company's expanding international direct sales operations, and a global reseller network.

ManageSoft Corporation's ongoing global expansion and export success has been accelerated with a number of key announcements including most recently, the opening of an office in Chicago to expand the company's US presence and service a growing list of major US customers.

In September, the company announced expansion of its European operations to take in Scandinavian and Southern European countries, and the opening of corporate offices in Latin America (in Rio de Janeiro). Since then ManageSoft has built an active Latin America reseller network, including partnerships with local systems integration companies including Extend Software, and Grupo TMS in Brazil, and GT Computadoras, Softrends, and Kranon in Mexico. In Australia, this year, the company also signed reseller agreements with leading systems integration companies Dimension Data and Kinetica.

Recent major customer wins include Thomson Prometric, a leading provider of technology-based testing and assessment services, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), state and federal parliaments in Australia, and US telecommunications company Norstan.

Walter Elliot, ManageSoft CEO, said the past 12 months had been one of the most important periods in the software management company's 12 year history. He attributed recent success to a number of factors.

"Enterprise software deployment and management applications are one of the few bright spots to emerge from the recent downturn in the global IT industry," Mr Elliot said.

"With many large businesses scaling back their IT expenditure over the past 12 months, the focus has shifted to doing things smarter with the existing IT resource base. Software management solutions that can improve user productivity and demonstrate a lowering of direct and indirect software ownership costs are in strong demand."

Mr Elliot's comments are supported by IDC research that estimates the global market for enterprise system software management will double on current levels to around $25 billion by 2005. Similarly, the market for automated software deployment systems is expected to grow to around $2.8 billion by 2004 - roughly treble the current level of spending.

Mr Elliot added that demand for enterprise software management solutions is also being driven by the enhanced capabilities of Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems.

"Many medium to large corporations are still using Windows 95 and Windows 98 but they are beginning to encounter problems as the limits of capability are reached. What these companies all face is a large scale rollout project as they move to Windows 2000 or XP. Without an advanced migration and ongoing management solution like ManageSoft 6.2, the process can be a nightmare."

Mr Elliot said large enterprises were also rightly becoming more exacting in their approach to software and hardware asset management.

"Today, IT asset management covers a range of important issues including large-scale operating system migration projects, centralized software deployment and configuration management, inventory management, license cost control and forward planning, management of desktops, servers, and mobile computers, IT cost apportionment, and also advanced security practices."

"ManageSoft 6.2 is a comprehensive Windows migration and software management solution that enables large organizations to address these critical elements of enterprise IT management." Mr Elliot concluded.

ManageSoft 6.2 is available now from ManageSoft Corporation and a range of Accredited ManageSoft Partners including Siemens Business Services, Scalable Software, BV Solutions Group, and Computer Resource Visions (an authorized US federal government supplier: GSA GS-35F-0637K).

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PowerQuest Acquires Cognet Assets to Accelerate Storage Lifecycle Automation Management Strategy

OREM, Utah - Oct. 28, 2002 - PowerQuest® Corporation, a provider of storage lifecycle automation solutions to businesses worldwide, today announced the acquisition of core assets of Cognet Corp., a developer of software for managing corporate information technology assets. The acquisition provides complementary technologies that combine with PowerQuest’s Virtual Volume Imaging™ or V2i™ Technology to strengthen the company’s leadership in Storage Lifecycle Automation.

“Policy-based management coupled with PowerQuest’s V2i technology enables customers to establish ‘set it and forget it’ storage lifecycle management,” said Paul Winn, president and CEO of PowerQuest. “PowerQuest customers will realize the benefits of a more efficient system deployment, a higher level of data protection and advanced storage management capabilities.”

The acquired technology includes an intuitive policy language and an Active Directory-enabled work-flow manager with an integrated common user interface.

“The resulting product will accelerate our customers’ ability to introduce a new OS with minimal downtime and lower costs while maintaining user data, settings and preferences,” added Winn. “This integration of deployment and protection technologies allows our customers to seamlessly transition from deploying a new operating environment to protecting that environment, leveraging ongoing data protection and automated storage management.”

Storage Lifecycle Automation Management or SLAM applies PowerQuest V2i Technology to an innovative, straightforward solution to the storage management problems of rapid growth and required high availability. The result is a powerful solution for reliable protection and fast system restoration in a simpler framework.

The purchased intellectual property and patents provide a new administrator console using intuitive language policies, giving the ability to inventory, analyze, report, migrate and distribute software. Fundamental elements of the acquired technology will serve as elements of PowerQuestÂ’s SLAM management platform.

PowerQuest support programs will be made available immediately to Cognet customers. Cognet products will be shipped with limited availability until integration is completed.

Financial terms of the acquisition were not publicly disclosed.

About PowerQuest

PowerQuest Corporation provides storage lifecycle automation solutions worldwide to build, protect and manage corporate and personal computing environments. PowerQuest products are available through a network of partners and distributors in more than 34 countries worldwide.

PowerQuest, V2i, Storage Lifecycle Automation Management, PowerQuest DeployCenter, PowerQuest PowerDeploy Suite, Cognet Observer, Cognet Manager, and Cognet FastTrack Migration are trademarks or registered trademarks of PowerQuest Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Third party product and company names herein are trademarks of their respective owners.

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