There are countless topics here at ITNinja and the list is growing all the time. These topics represent some notable tags aimed at making content easier to browse. While ITNinja is home to all IT related topics, the primary focus is on those topics related to software and systems management.
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Any experienced administrator will tell you: for all those tasks you'd otherwise need to do again and again, a script is always the answer! Not only to save time but to ensure consistent results. Discuss scripting here no matter what the language (please use language tags like PowerShell, VBScript, etc. within this area to help segregate language specific topics). Close
Discuss automating tasks within locked down environments, managing and troubleshooting security policies and other general security related topics. Close
This area is dedicated to network support, analysis, and troubleshooting Close
Managing servers, be it hardware or software, is distinctly different from managing client systems and so this is the place for such server-focused topics. Close
This topic overlaps with some of the more specific topics listed here but can be used in addition to those topics as well as alone when wanting to discuss topics like asset, license and inventory management, mobile device management or service/help desk issues. Close
The management and support of Apple systems and is a topic often of interest to those that need to support multiple platforms that include Mac. Close
Got Linux systems in your environment? This is the place to discuss the support of Linux systems (all flavors) and is often of interest to those supporting multiple platforms that include Linux. Close
Any topics of discussion around the various flavors of Windows, Windows specific software challenges and solutions. Close
Discussions pertaining to any kind of virtualization whether it's application streaming, desktop virtualization, VDI, or presentation virtualization. This topic also covers specific VM products, Virtual clusters and any kind of shared memory computing. Close
This area is dedicated to hardware support, selection and management as well as opinions in the form of either hardware recommendations or comparisons. Close
Not only is this area for discussing how to establish and manage your own on-premise cloud services, but is also for discovering, selecting, implementing and managing off-premise cloud infrastructure and services. Think SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc. Close
The bread and butter of the original AppDeploy incarnation of this site, this topic is dedicated to packaging, repackaging and the discovery of unattended command line installation and removal of software. Close
This area is for announcements related to new or updated IT products, IT related events/conferences and significant updates and new releases to IT related resources. Close
Recommendations and advice on the best way to go about common (and not so common) IT related tasks. Here you'll find white papers, videos, tips and tricks on the "right" way to get things done! Close
For any content or discussions that don't fit into the other listed topic areas, this is our catch-all "off-topic" area. However, this site is focused on topics of interest to the IT Professional; if what you want to share or ask about is not an IT related topic, we kindly suggest that ITNinja may not be the right place. Close
ITNinja is a leading source for software related information. When the topic of software moves away from that of software deployment (which has a dedicated topic area) into topics such as the best way to use or configure software, or when discussing what you do or do not like about various software (and software companies) this is the topic to choose. Close
This area is for peer-to-peer support for Dell KACE products including the K1000 Systems Management Appliance, the K2000 Deployment Appliance and other paid and freeware solutions provided by KACE. Close
This area is dedicated to the deployment of new systems be it using imaging or unattended methods, be it Windows, Mac or Linux. Processes, troubleshooting and methods of addressing user state migration as it relates to the migration of existing systems as well as the roll out of new systems. Close