Hi, I'm trying to see if anyone else could provide advice with a problem. I have a suite of software that is made up of six individual pre-made MSI's that have to be installed in a certain order. I have made transforms and the packages work great. We use Novell ZENworks for deployment.

My problem lies with getting application launcher to refresh. I have my objects set with dependencies that let me install them in a certain order, but so far the only way I have been able to get the whole suite of software to install is to do 6 reboots and logins so that the application launcher will refresh and install the next MSI in line. It's that or I wait an hour for the application launcher to refresh at its preset interval. Is there a way to make the application launcher refresh after each MSI install, this to allow the whole suite to be installed in one setting? I know I can right click on the app launcher and click refresh after each MSI install, but I am trying to get this to be totally unattended.

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There's a very easy way to do it..

Find one PC that you haven't installed your apps to.
Run Zen Snapshot on the PC.
Install all of your Apps in the order required.
Run Zen Snapshot again to capture the changes.
Create an Application Package.
Deploy the single package using NAL.

If you get stuck just email me.



Mike, CNE
Answered 07/01/2005 by: Mike_Halsey
Senior Yellow Belt

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If you explicitly disable reboots for every MSI package except the parent object you should get it down to one reboot. There is the risk that some of the dependencies absolutely require a reboot at that phase to work but it doesn't hurt to turn them off and test.
Answered 07/04/2005 by: kkaminsk
Ninth Degree Black Belt

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Snapshot is NOT a good idea since it disables the good parts of installing to single or different users (the good part of MSI installation)

I don't know what version of ZenWorks you are running.

We are running ZenWorks for desktop version 4 and everything works perfectly.

Only one thing. I hope you havn't put a dependency to each application object?
All dependencies should be in the object that starts the application.
Then make sure that the objects are in the right order (application dependency tab)

It's okey to e-mail mee too *lol*

MasterCNE (hahaha)
Answered 07/19/2005 by: Scanman
Senior Yellow Belt

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I agree with the comment that a Snapshot is a bad idea.

I would suggest using an Application Dependency chain. App Object->Run Options tab->Application Dependencies page. Start with the last app to be installed. Chain it to the one before. Then chain that one to the one before. Mark all of them to postpone the reboot (Reboot wait). (Test very carefully to make nothing gets lost. You may find you can postpone 2 or 3 reboots, but will still be left with a few.) I prefer to chain them this way rather than list all chained apps to the last app to install. But others have had success with this other style.

This feature is available in ZfD4 and above.
Answered 08/03/2005 by: hesmith
Yellow Belt

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snAppShot is the Devil's tool! Don't even go there!

I use dependent apps all the time and (as other contributors have noted) it works without probs. Which isn't something you can say about everything to do with ZEN.
Answered 08/19/2005 by: Qazmo
Orange Belt

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