Fan Yang Liu Qing did not hold, then seriously, you can Fan Yang Liu Qing offer is bent out to dinner. This is not only because of Fan Yang Liu Qing Qing whether you want to explore his body with tattoos would be something confidential, but also because the face of this simple woman Liu Qing, Yang Fan itch my heart it is very ah.
Such women, even the school boys are sick to know that pretending to cotton, Yonfan how this man could miss? There is an opportunity, but also not immediately grasp?
Yonfan no direct return to the classroom, hid behind the toilet to smoke a few cigarettes, school bell rang. Throw away cigarette butts, Yonfan clinic straight away.
"Liu teacher, I have come." Yonfan smiling again appeared in the school medical office.
"Ah? You really come?" Liu Qing was clearly surprised.
"Of course, the teacher Liu said please eat, I just can not go back on a big man ah!" Fan Yang once said.
Liu Qing hesitated a little and he said: "Well, but you have to wait a minute, I finished cleaning it go health."
"Nothing, I'll help you." Yonfan said, and picked up a corner of the broom, ready to help Liu Ching-cleaning.
See Yonfan so enthusiastic, Liu Qing smiled and said: "Wait, I have to spray disinfectant." Finished speaking, Liu Ching raised his hands, carrying a spray bottle.
Clearly, Liu Ching-ready cleaning up.
"Oh, good." Yonfan agreed with, nfl jerseys cheap a few steps back, standing in the school doctor at the door. He can not stand the taste of disinfectant.
Liu Ching-all spray disinfectant inside and out, only to indicate Yonfan discredited.
Although not stand the taste of disinfectant can already stand to help Yonfan can only bite the bullet and go at this time sweeping the. Not long to go Yonfan Saowan the garbage, and other Yonfan came back, Liu Ching has been for good clothes.
Liu Qing upper body off white coat wearing a white T-shirt, pants are a denim trousers, wearing a pair of feet, the summer shoes. This is extremely simple dress can be combined with Liu's clear that not applied Prostitute cheek, but it is seem so pure and moving.
"How? Do not know the teacher?" Liu Qing Yang Fan look of shocked to see the way, casually asked, smoothly Lelong own hair.
"I did not think the teacher did not wear white coats so beautiful." Yonfan recovered, Samsam smiled.
To hear the praise Yang Fan, Liu Qing said: "You still a student, to understand what is beautiful? The teacher will not make-up, than not those beautiful."
Yonfan look black! If these words are those that rely on make-up out of the beauty of hearing, probably vomiting blood have a heart! But, Liu said it is not so clear any other meaning, she think, it said so, there is no other meaning.
Brother, if not for adults, high school boys also understand that the aesthetic of the! Otherwise, what so many "sick" students come to you to see a doctor? Sure enough, simple enough, hey, brother given you to eat!
"Let's go." Liu Qing of Yonfan said.
"The teacher would like to eat?" nfl jerseys wholesale Yonfan standing outside at the school doctor, looking to lock the door of Liu Qing asked.
Liu Qing thought, said: "As long as no spicy food can be."
At this point a few students on campus have not, and Fan Yang and Liu Ching-two out of the school while chatting.
"I rely on, this kid so Niubi, even taking a dip in Liu Ching-a?" Proctor just finished teaching building to see out of Wang Yang Fan and Liu Qing is a laugh out of school population, could not help but dumbfounded: " No, I have to keep up to see what happens. "
Fan Yang and Liu Ching-two oblivious to their own far more than a little behind the tail!
"Liu teacher, or we eat Western food, right?" Yonfan offered.
Liu Ching shook his head and said: "Too expensive, we still find a home in the fast food shops like delicious."
The face of such a thoughtful proposal Liu Qing, Yang Fan is of no opinion, and Liu Qing immediately went on a school nearby is not large, but very famous shown a hotel on the first floor of the fast-food restaurant.
Is fast-food restaurant can be here is not the kind of ordinary fast-food restaurant can match. Environment is very beautiful, small indoor rockery, panoramic glass from the street down on the gurgling water. Of course, more to mention here the so-called fast food, in fact, the price is not low, taste the natural Jiubuyongti.
Fan Yang and Liu Ching-two in the street side of a panoramic glass table and sit down, Fan Yang Liu Qing to a la carte, Liu Qing took two dishes on the menu point to give up.
Yonfan also another point, nfl jerseys authentic he was clear to prevent the willow: "The two of us could eat so much!"
"Then I would again point two, collected four dishes!" Fan Yang said: "the two dishes are really too decent a." Yonfan said, and ordered two dishes, the menu to the waiter.
The waiter left, Liu Qing become somewhat silent. She promised to come out with dinner and Fan Yang, simply because Yonfan a school on her door, and she really could not refuse. Can along the way, talk with a student that are talked about, such as learning that sort of thing. Then again, Liu Qing would not know what to say.
Fortunately, the waiter quickly gave both of them the food, Fan Yang Liu Qing bite straight hello, this solution of the Liu Ching embarrassment. However, two people can not just bow Mengchi total, right?
Liu Qing thought, put down the chopsticks, asked: "Fan Yang, the tattoo is how your body is it?"
"I do not like the teacher Liu said, it felt fun pattern on." Yonfan mouth, eating ribs, the answer was vague.
"I'm not saying this, I mean something special to your tattoo, color tattoo is not like to see color, but a very special black." Liu Qing and said: "Moreover, this invisible tattoo, it seems difficult to be of. "
"Liu has about teacher tattoo?" Yonfan surprised down the chopsticks asked.
"I am a doctor, how many understand some of these." Liu Qing said: "You have not answered my previous question."
"This invisible tattoo should not be difficult, right?" Yonfan puzzled said: "Some people say not pigeon blood tattoo is invisible it?"
Liu Ching smiled gently and said: "This is just a legend, with the blood of pigeons as a co-cinnabar after the success of tattoo pigment, usually color as usual, no trace, and drinking, sweating, or excited and then it would show red, nfl jerseys china so the drink is also known as invisible tattoo or tattoos. some say need to pay attention to the red eye with white feather pigeons.
In fact, this is nonsense of. First, security issues, which is unsanitary. The blood of animals carrying pathogens might pass some diseases and even dangerous diseases, heterogeneous blood proteins and other macromolecules directly into the skin and subcutaneous likely to cause allergies.
Then there are validity problems, tattoos are using special paint, which paint to use as a pigeon blood, not to say there is no effect. Therefore, the tattoo has been the stealth impossible. Can I see your tattoo, it seems really invisible results? "
Liu Ching heard these words, Yonfan touches Zhengzhu. As gang members, almost all have tattoos. Yang Fan who is gang tattoos with the others shortly after the grain to the tattoo shop.
But, Yonfan their choice is a old tattoo shop, tattoo master is an old man, this old man is entirely hand tattoo, vivid grain pattern out, but there is also a drawback, it is only an old man's tattoo colors is the color of tattoos.
Yang Fan was seen in other members of the gang that the pattern of the tattoo in the old man, that color is too dull, the old man asked the tattoo can point to their own particular pattern.
Old man was very hesitant to allow Yonfan old man certainly was very sure hand, requires that the old man points to their particular lines, together with the gang members are not the same. Yang Fan fail to beat the old man, had to come back the next day so Yonfan, he prepared it.
The next day went to the tattoo shop Yonfan, old man with the tattoo pigment to Yonfan black as ink, Foulest indescribable odor. But also directly told Yang Fan, a fixed pattern of this pigments, Yonfan can not choose, or not to ask him in the end grain? Yonfan the idea was to keep others do not like tattoos, coach purses outlet it promised to down.
When the pattern complete, Yonfan can not help but dumbfounded, his whole body black body tattoo, said Long is not Long, said the snake was not a snake! Body covered with snake sweetlips, the tail is completely snake form, but happens to be the leading long with four fingers and Alondra!
However, this pattern although some heterogeneous, but also really imposing a tight grip, especially in leading the chest plate in the Yang Fan, Fan Yang chest a move, along with Zhang Longkou move, just live the same. Yonfan was that there would be no sense!
Who knows with the later itching, crusting, peeling and a series of normal react, this black dragon and snake tattoo color gradually faded away, until completely hidden in the Yonfan body. This matter was also in the other members of the gang as a laughing stock, Yonfan huff to find that tattoo old man, I did not expect was that the old man is too old tattoo has expired.
Fortunately Yonfan later discovered that if he drinks, or angry after this tattoo will be re-surfaced! Fan Yang will slowly understand that this old man to his pattern is the so-called invisible tattoo! Only when the blood circulation to accelerate the time to appear!
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