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I have a Win XP SP3 VM for testing patches.
I just started a patch run, and the VM rebooted. After reboot it is really sluggish.
In the process list I see wuauclt.exe using 90% of CPU.

So here's my question. I am using Kbox to patch this machine, Windows Update is disabled in a GPO. So - why is it using 90% of CPU? Does Lumension tie into wuauclt.exe?
Can/should I disable the service (the System CPL shows Updates disabled)?


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Are you certain that the GPO is applied to this VM? I'd verify by running GRRESULT from the command line.
KBOX Patching does not use wuauclt to my knowledge. It would probably be a good idea to disable that service if everything else is as is should be. It sounds like an update was in it's queue and it isn't ready to give up on it. Probably .Net framework or a service pack if it's eating 90%.
Answered 11/15/2009 by: cblake
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The service does need to remain enabled for the KBOX to do its scan, but you don't need automatic updates set because the KBOX is downloading them. So, keep it enabled, but tell us the details of this patching schedule. Is this after it's in the "completed" state? What's in the schedule (detect/deploy, reboot actions, etc.)? What does the KBOX say was done?
Answered 11/15/2009 by: jkatkace
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Thanks John,

That was exactly what I wondered about. If wuauclt is being used to scan for patch updates, then that explains why it was active.
I had just kicked off a scan on my test VM. So that makes sense.

Thanks Again,

Answered 11/23/2009 by: MACSnow
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I'm glad I ran into this thread... We aren't using the KBOX for patching, as we are still using WSUS - I'm not sure I see the benefit of using the KBOX over WSUS for patching (aside from 3rd party patching - which we use KBOX Deployments for) if it relies on the WUAUSERV service (wuauclt.exe).
Answered 11/23/2009 by: airwolf
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