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we encountered a new behaviour of wsname.exe 2.9.6 from David Clarke. We deploy Windows 10 1803 in Developermode with Software like Visual Studio and Unity on it to develop for Hololenses. So Hyper-V must be enabled.

wsname now tries to reverselookup the IP it got from the vEthernet (Default) Switch and not form the Network Card Ethernet and hence won't get the correct Hostname as seen in it's Logfile:

wsname.exe /N:$DNS:<IP-YOUR-DNS-SERVER> /LOGFILE:C:\temp\wsname-log.txt

We tried with disabling Hyper-v before wsname in a powershell script (Disable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Hyper-V-All) to enable it again afterwards but that didn't help.

In the end I had to disable the vEthernetscript manually as he the wsname-task stopped with an error, than retry the task and everything went fine. I'm still searching for a solution to get wsname pick the right interface.

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  • WSName last update was in 2011, and is not officially compatible with Windows 10


    The API to achieve that is called "GetNetworkParams", that is 2005 stuff, I'm surprised it was still working.

    Reverse DNS Lookup... mmmmm I can't think of any tool capable of doing that.

    Maybe you could write a Powershell script to handle the Naming, the KACE supports Powershell scripts as post install tasks:

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