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Hello, have read the different articles, id =(1644, 1369, 520, 27774) pertaining to iTunes However I cannot find the answer to my question within these readings.
he iTunes.msi installs but does not seem to tie to the .mst linked to it.

Using Winrar, I extracted from iTunesSetup.exe the AppleApplicationSupport.msi, AppleMobileSupport.msi, AppleSoftwareUpdate.msi, Bonjour.msi, iTunes.msi, MobileMe.msi, QuickTime.msi, SetupAdmin.exe.

I moved AppleApplicationSupport.msi, iTunes.msi, SetupAdmin.exe into their own deployment directory and using Wise Package Studio (WPS) set out to customize MSI using transform.
Ran it, Chose defaults, English Lang, C:\program Files\apple, no desktop shortcuts ...
Using Installation Expert:
Task - Removed About iTunes shortcut.
Task - Under Windows\Profiles\All Users\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes added iTunesPrefs.xml (Is this correct, and is it placed in the correct location?)
Task - Dialogs none, all boxes unchecked.
Using Setup Editor:
Task - Changed DESKTOP_SHORTCUTS = 1 TO 0 *NOTE: In WPS Install Editor - shortcuts Current Feature DESKTOP_SHORTCUTS = 1, Even tho changed in Setupeditor - Product - Properties
Task - Changed SCHEDULE_ASUW = 1 TO 0

Compiled in WPS leaving Transform Defaults dialog, all unchecked, and "do not check versions".

Installed AppleApplicationSupport.msi,
Installed QuickTime.msi - QuickTimeInstallerAdmin.exe which installed QT

then ran the commands
msiexec /i iTunes.msi /t "path\itunes.mst" /QB
msiexec /i iTunes.msi TRANSFORMS="path\itunes.mst" /QB
IN either case iTunes installs but ignores any of the values created in the .mst.
I would like to be able to add registry keys as well as further mod to the transform but do not get what is going on. Why it seems to ignore the .mst in the command.
So what errors have I made?
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msiexec /i "Full path to iTunes.MSI" TRANSFORMS="Full path to itunes.mst" /qb

alternatively log the install using the command below:-

msiexec /i "Full path to iTunes.MSI" TRANSFORMS="Full path to itunes.mst" /qb /l*v "%Temp%\Install.log"

and check if you can figure the culprit. or paste the log here using the code tag.
Answered 12/07/2009 by: PackageExpert
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msiexec /i iTunes.msi /t "path\itunes.mst" /QB FFR, the '/t' switch is only used when advertising a product (using the '/j' switch). For installations, you must use the TRANSFORMS property.

As PE points out, create a log. That will show you if the command line is being read correctly, as well as property changes.
Answered 12/08/2009 by: VBScab
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PackageExpert, msiexec /i "Full path to iTunes.MSI" TRANSFORMS="Full path to itunes.mst" /qb uses the transform.
So, the next step:
Had installed iTunes, and used the created iTunesPref.xml and added the file using WPS via installation Expert to,

Windows\Profiles\All Users\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iTunesPref.xml
Windows\Profiles\Local Settings\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iTunesPref.xml

I thought this would stop iTunes first use requiring acceptance and the bonjour warning,
yet after installing the iTunes.msi the accept window and the bonjour warning still occur.
Is it possible to am placing the pref.xml in the wrong dir? If so using WPS where in Windows do I place the .xml file?

As for the registry:
Created HKCU\AppEvents\evenLabels\Itunes_Complete and HKCU\Software\Apple Computer, Inc.\Itunes\SM Shortcut Installed - these show up after install.

HKLM\Software\Apple Computer, Inc.\iTunes\Parental Controls\Defauft\ AdminFlags dword=3FFFF this fails as described below,
When running msiexec /i file.msi ..... get a
"Error: Could not write value AdminFlags to key \Software\Apple Computer, Inc.\iTunes\parental Controls\Default
verify that you have sufficient access to that key - click (retry, cancel, ignore)"

I clicked ignore and the program finished installing. Is the HKLM\Software\Apple Computer, Inc.\iTunes\Parental Controls\Defauft\ AdminFlags dword=3FFFF Necassary?

Any suggestions to my package would be great!
Answered 12/08/2009 by: brdbreath
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you may want to read the package KB


also separate these 2 files into different component and set a HKCU registry as the Key Path to these components. You can create a dummy HKCU entry for this.
Answered 12/08/2009 by: PackageExpert
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PE, thank you, created one file and one duplicate file covering both install directories. i had thought placing the iTunesPref.xml in these location would completely stop any first use interface. However after install and upon first use am still encounting a shorter first use window, (one accept window then bonjour warning window) this interface is shorter than the original first use interface. Any ideas to passify these? If not, can live with the 2 first use questions.

After install logged in as non admin user. opened the iTunes from start menu. During intall it errored out - that it could nt find the c:\Docs_sett..\All Users\Application Data\ Apple Computer\installer Cache\iTunes\itunes_wisetrfm_4. cab file
During WPS compilation - the cab file is being saved to the development directory.
SO I set up the cab file as did the xml files and pointed to the development dir as the source for the cab file.

My question is, when i move the requried source files and install files including the cab file to the deployment directory, will the mst still have to have access to the development dir to access the cab file? I hate this question, because i think I know the answer.
Answered 12/09/2009 by: brdbreath
Senior Yellow Belt

Why move it? Copy it.

BTW, what is it with vendors copying their wretched installs all over the place?
Answered 12/10/2009 by: VBScab
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