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Has anyone got around the file size limitation for usb imaging of  a uefi win8 machine using a fat32 slash drive?

I have created a windows 8.1 image with office on there and all updates.

Even before office was installed, the image was over 6 gb.

Trying to make a bootable flash drive for imaging for remote sites, with everything on the drive.

Keep getting stuck at the fat32 size limitation.

any ideas?

limitations/requirements are
-no network,
-preferably no change to bios to enable legacy (disable secure boot)
-possibly a way to split wims into smaller files.
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you will need 2 usb sticks.  One fat32 for the uefi boot and one ntfs for the wim file
Answered 10/09/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • doesn't two partitions on one usb stick work?
    • I used to use one drive but it is more of a pain when you update your boot sticks or need different one for different uses. I use a boot cds with a portable HDD for isolated imaging
      • Is it possible to make kace ask me where the image file is located? this would also fix this issue.
      • I store all my wims on servers at each site to save bandwidth over the links. You can store them on a share or external drive also. Use the KBE to create boots to the location of the image repositories. I map to my main server by default and use a mid level tasks to remap t: prior to calling the imaging vbs script.


      • Thanks for the links in the other comment (wont actually let me comment on the post you made).

        They've given me ideas ;)
    • Im not sure windows supports 2 partitions on one flash drive.