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To get an msi from exe in WinXP i would go to %temp%. When exed is running. 

Where would i get it on Win 7? C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\ do not see it.

Google didnt help :))

Thanky you.

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Unzip the exe with 7zip or look in c:\users\(user)\appdata\local\temp

Answered 08/06/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • 1. Download and install 7-Zip from http://www.7-zip.org/
    2. Open 7-Zip and browse to the folder containing the exe.
    3. Right click on the exe file and click "Open Inside".
    4. Double click a folder inside if needed to get to the files.
    5. Select the files you need by clicking on them while holding down the ctrl key.
    6. Right click on the selected files and click "Copy To".
    7. Type a path or click on the "..." button to browse for a folder.
    8. Click Ok.
  • 1. Isnt \appdata\local\temp = %temp%
    msi is not there.
    Will 7zip extract every exe?
    And i think there should be windows directory as %temp% in xp on Win7?
  • I have seen them write to the root\some directory and also to windows\temp. You can always search by date\time and look for what shows up the minute you launch the installer and look in those folders.
    But look at these links for the varibles and where they point
  • also it should put the msi(s) under c:\windows\installer for uninstall purposes, add author and subject to your columns and you can usually spot the ones that vendor put there.
  • the one in the c:\windows\installer can not be used to apply a TRANSFORM
  • bummer, What program are you trying to harvest?
  • This is a general question. None of the msi's in the c:\windows\installer can be used for a TRANSFORMS.
  • Good to know, have never tried applying a tranform to one.

7-Zip is the best way to extract it. However %temp% is the same in Win7 as XP.

Answered 08/07/2012 by: piyushnasa
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  • Thanks, You and John have got me to try that first before attempting to harvest from temp. Saves lots of time and hassles


Answered 08/06/2012 by: jagadeish
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  • It is again based on how the vendor has designed it.. For Java Runtime Environment, you can find msi in C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\jre<Version> folder
  • You can also try with Universal Extractor


You cannot extract all the exe's

If you are not able to find the location of the msi extracted, install the applicaiton and check the following Registry key, try the extracting again (Clean Machine), you should find the msi in the InstallSource location.


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\<Product Code>

Check the Value for "InstallSource"

Answered 08/06/2012 by: vinodmukka
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  • I was asking about exe's that have msi inside
  • I know some of the other top contributors feel 7zip is the way to go even if it not 100% if it opens the file it saves looking for files. I have used it a few time since John (jagadeish) mentioned it in a post and it has not failed me yet. Thank you John for mentioning that shorter method of harvesting