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We are about to start packaging for one of client for Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit.

Does anyone has any idea, whereall can we face difficulties in windows 8 then compared to windows 7.

Or if someone could suggest tips to follow for it..

And it would be great if someone could share the issues which they faced for windows 8 Pacakging.

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  • i think the only issues you may encounter are related to the metro start screen and the app-store. but i think it is better to wait with the deploy after the release of 8.1 (in this version you can bypass the metro start screen, i prefer that in a corp. network)
  • You can use any old editor to do your project but it pays to get a current solution. There is some nice support for app-store apps and the-interface-formerly-known-as-metro in Flexera AdminStudio 2013.
    Technically under the hood windows8 has version 6.2 versus windows7 that came as 6.1. So you could treat Windows8 as an unfortunate servicepack that screwed up a decent GUI.
    That is start testing your existing packages on the new platform and most of them will work fine. ;)

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