I have run into an issue with select systems within my network. They should be receiving software updates via GPO to their systems running Win7 but instead I receive the following error: Error 1326. Error getting file security:\\*My Server Name*\*Profiles directory name*\*User Profile*\*Program*\Temporary Files\ GetLastError:50

Initially, I figured this was a permissions issue, so although their user already had full control on the directory, I went ahead and once again did it and made sure the child objects within the directory were also changed. I also made sure that they were the owner. Both of these did not fix the issue as each time they login they receive the error above.

I am unsure where to proceed with this issue as oddly enough it only affects around 5% of the total computers on the network which are receiving these updates. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you,



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  • Can you give us more information about the gpo itself ? Usually this error means a problem with permissions, on the share or the computer. If you push a software, remember that if the software is executed with a basic user access it may not be applied.
    • Unfortunately, my knowledge of how the GPO's are setup is limited due to not having access myself.
  • I would agree that this is a permissions issue but, more seriously, why oh why is the temporary files folder part of your users' roaming profiles?!? Your network guys must *love* whoever set that up!!
    • I am unsure why it was setup this way as it makes no sense to me either
  • In order to fix this issue, we turned off the redirect of the app data folder and set it up locally for each user.
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