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Windows 10 License Compliance

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Hi Guys,

Has anyone found a good way of keeping track of what activation key is on a Windows 10 machine? I would be really happy if this could be done in KACE -- even if it's just grabbing the last 4 of the activation code.

I've found a few tools that seem to be working, but management would like to be able to run a report to see these 50 machines have this key, these 50 have this key, etc..

Curious if anyone has been able to do this via custom inventory, or some other piece of software. From what I've been reading it looks like a pain to get the info in Windows 10.


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  • Use the cscript slmgr.vbs /dlv command and capture the output in a custom inventory rule.
    • Thank you flip! I ended up using the /dli switch on it to give me limited info. Working great.

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Agree with flip001, been doing this your a while


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