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Is KACE SMA able to currently role out Feature Upgrades via the normal patching schedules?  We want to be able to move from say 1709 to 1803 on either Home, Pro or Enterprise versions.
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  • Patching is only for security patches, for new features or major build upgrades, you will need to use Managed Installs or Scripts
    • Not currently supported, but please vote on it as a new feature if you want something other than a homemade script/install: https://kace.uservoice.com/forums/82699-sma-k1000/suggestions/19031968-support-windows-10-feature-update-installations-vi

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No those do not fall under patches you need to create an MI or script to do upgrades

Answered 06/27/2019 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • see my answer here for easy kscript

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I am able to upgrade PC's this way:

1.  Download the feature upgrade from Microsoft to a central location (shared drive, NAS, whatever).

2.  Create a script (I used Offline)

3.  Under Deploy section click Manage Operating Systems and choose Windows 10.

4.  Check Allow run without a logged-in user.

5.  Task 1 under Verify I have it Run a batch file...

        a.  Script Name - Windows 1803 Upgrade (or whatever)

        b.  Batch file:  \\filepath\setup.exe /auto upgrade /installfrom \\filepath\sources\install.wim /dynamicupdate disable

        c.  Check box for Wait for completion

        d.  Check box for Visible (I only checked this so I can view progress)

6.  Save and Test.

7.  Be careful running multiple computers as this will take up bandwidth on your network.

Good luck!

Answered 07/03/2019 by: bmontooth
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