Windows 10 Feature Updates via SMA: ~70% Failure rate

I've been having issues with deploying feature updates via the SMA and only approx 30% of systems are properly upgrading each run.

The behavior I'm encountering is that the systems will report in KACE as having successfully downloaded and installed the feature update but the system will still be on the previous version.  

I've so far found log files in these directories



The logs generally seem to end around the point that DISM is attempting to inject drivers into the WinRE wim and do not contain any entries after that?

The behavior has been inconsistent system will usually update after going through a few detect and deploy cycles.

Are there any additional logs to the windows setup ones I referenced that may hold useful info?

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Posted by: Nico_K 1 year ago
Red Belt

You should review the logs of the client here: C:\ProgramData\Quest\KACE\user

Also tell us more about your environment please.
Are you using MUI for the OS or only plain installs?
Did you make sure to have 10.2 agents on the clients?

  • We're using Windows 10, Enterprise (X64) and ~80% of the systems were originally deployed via a sysprepped K2000 image.

    After reviewing the Panther and Kace Agent logs, it looks like the Kace Agent process itself is terminating the upgrade. This lines up with the sudden dropoff in setupact.log (usually around the time the WinRE Image is being staged).

    The Detect/Deploy timeout setting for the feature update is set to 6 hours and the agent timeout is set to the maximum of 2 hours.

    Setup process was launched around 5:57PM
    [2020-07-20.16:57:51][KacePatch:KLaunchClientImpl::Lau] KLaunchClientImpl::LaunchInSession cmd=[C:\ProgramData\Quest\KACE\kpd\WindowsUpdateBox.exe /Update /PreDownload /quiet /noreboot] path=[]
    [2020-07-20.16:57:51][KacePatch:KLaunchClientImpl::Lau] KLaunchClientImpl::LaunchInSession - CreateProcessAsUser returned successfully

    [Mostly SW metering junk but I did take note that the PID for the Win10 setup app is 10276]
    [2020-07-20.17:07:34][KSWMeter:EventSink::Indicate ] EventSink::Indicate, process id 10276 name C:\ProgramData\Quest\KACE\kpd\WindowsUpdateBox.exe size 22793800 created, stored in the hash

    The Kace agent itself appears to terminate the process approx 2 hours after it was launched?

    [2020-07-20.19:07:34][KacePatch:KLaunchClientImpl::Wai] KLaunchClientImpl::Wait signal timed out process (10276) to shutdown
    [2020-07-20.19:07:35][KacePatch:KLaunchClientImpl::Wai] KLaunchClientImpl::Wait force timed out process (10276) to terminate
    [2020-07-20.19:07:35][KacePatch:KLaunchUtils::Terminat] Parent process ID for process 7512 is 10276, marking this as a child
    [2020-07-20.19:07:35][KacePatch:KLaunchUtils::Terminat] Parent process ID for process 5428 is 10276, marking this as a child
    [2020-07-20.19:07:35][KacePatch:KLaunchUtils::Terminat] Determine if we can terminate child process 7512 name setuphost.exe
    [2020-07-20.19:07:35][KacePatch:KLaunchUtils::Terminat] Child process (pid 7512 name setuphost.exe) path \Device\HarddiskVolume2\$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\setuphost.exe does not contain \Windows\System or \Windows\SysWOW64, safe to terminate
    [2020-07-20.19:07:35][KacePatch:KLaunchUtils::Terminat] Determine if we can terminate child process 5428 name wimserv.exe
    [2020-07-20.19:07:35][KacePatch:KLaunchUtils::Terminat] Child process (pid 5428 name wimserv.exe) path \Device\HarddiskVolume2\Windows\System32\wimserv.exe contains \Windows\System, we should not be terminating anything from Windows system diretory, skip
    [2020-07-20.19:07:35][KacePatch:KLaunchClientImpl::Pro] KLaunchClientImpl::ProcessResults - End - Kiyolaka 1 year ago
    • How frequently is your agent set to checkin? - Hobbsy 1 year ago
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