Reference this thread on what Kace does to the UserInit registry.

My question is: Will reverting the value of this registry to 'C:\windows\system32\userinit.exe,' have any significant consequence with K1000 and/or K2000's ability to run any of my tasks to the machine?  

Here's why I'm asking:
File Explorer opens whenever a user logs into a computer as a result of UserInit being updated to point to c:\windows\system32\kusrinit.exe, by the KACE agent.  We're on the latest version.  

I work in a hospital and we have computers in exam rooms that we lock down pretty heavily, as we have patients, 14-year-old hacker wannabes who we have to assume will hop on the computer and mess around while waiting for a doctor.  File Explorer is one of the things we prefer to disable access to.  Now that we have KACE, that's changing.  

We're still pretty new to KACE, just got it this year and I'm finally able to start focusing on its utilization.  Is there a precise answer here?  What's the worst thing that will happen if I update this registry value for these locked-down, exam room computers?


EDIT: For anyone reading, updating to v.6.0.425 fixed everything.  
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if you change the setting it will have the same effect as the SMA agent is installed with the NOHOOKS parameter.

You will lose the opportunity to run scripts and MI before the user logs in and the desktop loads (iE MI only run with a logged in user)

The SDA does not need this function.

I by myself always install agents with NOHOOKS since this registry key is used by some 3rd party software for their own stuff so the agent install may break them (since it overwrites the key), Microsoft is not always very bright with the design of the registry...
Answered 09/01/2018 by: Nico_K
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  • Thanks. That gives me something to investigate!

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This is a result of having both userinit.exe and kurinit.exe within the same Userinit key. Remove userinit.exe and the issue will go away.
Answered 09/05/2018 by: JBHorne
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