Would anyone be able to tell me as to why this ticker submitter is being displayed as 1 in KACE? I opened the ticket and it has the email of the person who submitted the ticket and the individual has submitted tickets before and it obviously displayed fine. When end users create a ticket it should auto-populate with their name in the submitter section. Anyone have any ideas?
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  • To further clarify... why was his name changed in KACE? It's a bit odd.
  • Can you check the user record within KACE, how does that look?
  • I looked at it and changed the Name field back to the users name. That was one of the first things I did, but why did it randomly change to 1 is my question. Like.. is it something that could potentially continue to pop up in the future that end users name change? Something along those lines. Or is this just some freak occurrence.
  • If you have history enabled you can see when (and possibly by whom) the name was changed on the user details page. Are you importing users via LDAP?
  • Can you check if you have custom ticket rules? If yes - work all of the custom ticket rules correct?
  • This happens when a user logs on for the first time but is not already imported into the system. The next scheduled LDAP sync should update the name.
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