I want to create a website and it seems that I must install some supporting programs such as SQL and Tomcat. Can someone tell me what SQL and Tomcat do for my website, whey I need them? I guess I thought the Browser and HTML would handle everything. 

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  • Is Apache Tomcat like the foundation that HTML Coding can run on? Similar to an Operating System needed for MS Word to run on?
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MySQL is a type of database that you would need to store and retrieve data. For example, blogs need to store all the blog posts you write, and retrieve them when a visitor goes to your site. Similarly, photo galleries store pictures and other information about that picture etc. Also, any kind of feedback that you would want would need to be stored somewhere.

Apache is a webserver that you will need to host your website on.

Are they essential to build a website - Yes!

Do you need them for your website - Maybe not. It depends on what kind of website you want to create. If you want to just use something like Google Sites to build and host your site, then they will do all of it for you.

But if you want to design and develop your own website from scratch, then you would need to delve into all these topics. I'd recommend reading a starters guide to building websites. Plus there are several online tutorials/forums available. And ITNinja is always a great resource :-)


Answered 04/15/2014 by: atulnimje
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There are lots of tools available in market not necessary you requeired TOmcat you can use the any other server

Yes, for SQL is used to interact the your database where there information is stored also you can eailsy retrived.

Check open source web site development you will see lots of topic are present

Also ItNInja is great resource

Answered 04/16/2014 by: shreyas
Senior White Belt

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