Three times in a row now this has happened with about 15 seconds remaining?  Any thoughts?
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  • I would look at the network card drivers first of all. Make sure they are the latest release.
  • I let it sit overnight and it actually completed. It just took a really long time.

    This morning I rebooted and it took about 6 hours to complete first boot. It spent most of this time in the "Setup is installing devices" phase.

    Any ideas why this would be taking sooo long?

  • Image capture or image deployment? If you're capturing an image, I can't imagine why a reboot would be any different than the last reboot. If it's deploying, you might check the driver feed. I've had a bad/wrong/outdated NIC driver cause booting into the KBE take 10-30 minutes or to fail entirely.

    Sometimes Dell changes NICs on the same model, or has two different manufacturers, etc.
  • This is happening during an image capture. The reboot is different then the last reboot because I ran sysprep before the capture. I will confirm I have the correct NIC drivers available.

    Something else I've done since my last comment is remove all of the drivers that we don't need from the samba share (like models we don't even have).

    This improved first boot time by quite a bit but booting into KBE and capturing an image is still taking an extraordinarily long time.

    Edit/Correction: It's not capturing that is so slow - it's copying the image to the appliance.
  • are you capturing as a WIM or a Kimage? If you are capturing as a WIM, the copy process will push the WIM file over the network while the Kimage will move single files.
  • I am capturing as a WIM for better compression.
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