I created a new CIR today and it's not showing up when I try to run a search with the CIR as part of the criteria. I have 6 other CIR's I've created previously with older versions of Kace that all show up (see image below).

Any ideas why it's not showing up in the dropdown?

Kace server 6.2.109330
agent 6.2.1025

New CIR:
Category: Desktop (same as the other CIRs)
Supported OSs: All windows
Deployed to 165 out of 1265 machines so far

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  • When you first create a new CIR it will not show up there because there are no machines with the rule applied yet. CIRs and smart labels only apply after a machine has checked in and scanned against those new rules.

    I'm sure by now its available to you to use. Let us know if not. :)
  • Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, it had already deployed to 165 out of 1265 machines by the time I made my OP. Today is a few days after my OP and the new CIR has deployed to 625 machines, but it still doesn't show up in the dropdown for an Advanced Search.
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