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The new E6520 (in this example) boots to the network and gets the Kace Scripted OS selection screen without error. Upon selecting the only 64bit OS I have configured on the K2000, I click start installation and DiskPart does it's job, and within 5-10 seconds of my clicking Start the install, the laptop reboots to a "Missing operating system" error. Other machines and 32bit work fine. I just downloaded the E6520 64bit drivers via the Driver Feed, but get the same error with no changes to the behavior.

How can we fix the Missing operating system problem and get our 64bit Scripted OS install working?



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My guess would be you need to add the storage controller driver for the new hardware.

Answered 05/17/2012 by: GAKIS
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  • Thanks! That rings a bell.
    It's been a problem finding which driver is which since Dell bought Kace. I'm looking at the Win7 driver download page for Dell's E6520 right now. I used the Service tag to get the drivers.
    Since Dell and Kace don't work together to tell us which driver is which, we have to download each one, extract it, load it to the K2000 and test. Kace was so much better before Dell.
    If anyone has found a reliable method for finding drivers necessary for Kace to deploy OS's, please let us know. I've spent the past few years talking to Dell and Kace on the phone and neither had been able to tell me what drivers to download regardless of how much info about the model is provided.

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I'm deploying Win7 x64 scripted installs to my Latitude E6420 laptops, and if memory serves me correctly, I had to create a new KBE (WinPE boot environment) with the E6420 drivers in order to get things working properly.


Answered 05/23/2012 by: jverbosk
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Did you remember to update the driver list after downloading the latest drivers?

What version of the K2K are you using?  Newer versions have a driver feed that allow you to select drivers by model to include all the latest drivers for that model.

Also note this patch to the driver feed:



Answered 05/18/2012 by: philologist
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  • Our K2k is at 3.4.54256. I did that patch a few or more months back. I think it was just after the SanFranciso conf in Nov.
    What do you mean by "update the driver list"? Do you mean the 'recache'? If using the driver feed, doesn't this occur automatically?
    Let me know if I'm missing a step. That could be my problem.

    Win 7 32 bit Scripted OS installs go without error. It's only the Win 7 64 bit install that gives the "Missing operating system" error. I don't have any 64bit hardware that shipped with XP to test with...actually never bothered to load a 64bit XP OS into Kace since we weren't using them.

  • Remember, the patch of which you speak is for 3.3 only. 3.4 has all of this built in, and you will break the driverfeed stuff if you apply the patch to 3.4. Working on posting something that won't run on 3.4.

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After creating a new KBE failed and downloading all drivers failed, uploading a new copy of the same ISO (win 7 64bit OS Ent) succeeded. We upgraded the K2K a few months ago and exported, then imported the source media. Perhaps it became corrupt during that process. It's working fine now...except the e6520 I was testing with has a hard drive beeping problem now...but that's a seperate 'hardware' issue. All the e6520's we have that are in good condition are accepting the OS install now.

A Kace rep suggested uploading the fresh ISO OS. I've got 7 other Scripted OS installs with 4 other source medias and they worked fine so the source media was not under suspicion. Good to know how easy it is for one to get corrupt. It's an easy fix.

Thanks to all for the suggestions.



Answered 05/30/2012 by: murbot
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Still can't get the 64bit E6520 to accept the 64bit Win7 Scripted OS deployment. "Missing Operating System" comes up after the install starts. I've downloaded the driver feed for this model, but it only includes the Network driver.

For MassStorage, I've placed r291720, r300787 and r313391 under the windows_7_x64 folder and recached, but get the same error.

Pushing a 32bit version of the same OS succeeds without error on this laptop.

Has anyone been able to deploy Win 7 64bit to a Dell E6520? If so, what drivers do have on your driver share?

I'm open to any tips or suggestions.


Answered 05/22/2012 by: murbot
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  • This sounds more like a boot manager issue, but that shouldn't happen on a scripted install. When you uploaded the media, how did you do it? You either need to insert the media, or mount the media .iso before selecting it. Selecting the directory that has the media.iso file does not work. That kind of sounds like the issue.

    Lead L3 Enterprise Solutions Engineer, K2000
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