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I have a generic question. I have a vanilla VM and i wish to use it as a sequencer and a test build and in an attempt to do so, i wish to have both the sequencer as well as the client installed on the same machine. However, upon trying to do so, i am presented with an error from client setup stating the client cant be installed on the machine which already has sequencer on it. May i know, if there are any knows reasons behind it and , if there are any solutions to it, what are they?

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  • Not sure about the reasons as why not sequnce and client on same build. .. but solutions are alws there . I suspect client msi might have some custom action or launch condition that is preventing it from installing the client on top of sequencer , if they are removed you should be able to install client . Note: Not sure about the risk part, please check before you implement. Its been while not working on appv .
    • I did suspect the custom action in the Client.MSI. Did remove them as well, but, now the client installation wont start at all. Dont know why MS came up with an idea of two different builds for individual components.
  • As you're using a VM, why not have two snapshots - one with the sequencer and the other the client and revert as required?
  • >two snapshots
    ...or 2 VMs? Throw loads of RAM in the host and allocate the same amount of RAM to the VM guest which you'll use for testing as the target clients have and away you go.
  • Thank you all, but I am on a really bad environment(hence the question), where in the application to be sequenced is well over 3 Gigs. Even i thought of having two different snapshots, but, that would require me to first sequence the application and move to shared network drive and again copy it back to local for testing. Could there be an alternate option to overcome this scenario.
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You *could* jump through those hoops (or use a USB stick) but why bother? If you're freelance, just go out and buy RAM and a disk. At the end of the contract, take them with you to sell/keep or sell them to the client. If they're serious about delivering the project on time, they have no real choice: having you sitting around watching GBs of data copying here and there will cost them much more over time. If you're employed, you probably have no choice but it depends on how skilful you are as a negotiator, in terms of asking for proper tools to enable you to do the job efficiently. Jeez, it's not like storage is expensive these days!
Answered 09/04/2015 by: VBScab
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Remove the launch condition (It is there in custom action table) from the App-V Client MSI  and try to install it.

You will have to revert the machine before making a new sequence and thereby losing all published application information.

Answered 09/11/2015 by: jagadeish
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  • Hi jagadeish, I tried every possible method known to me, but, trust me everything has ended up in a roadblock. I've had a few answers from others moderators above, but, there are certain aspects of this situation i find myself in, which can't be convinced to the client.
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