AppV Sequencer 4.6

Platform: Win7

I have a legacy web application requires Java 1.6 update 45 and Oracle instantclient_10_2 as prerequisites. However, in our SOE, higher version of Java and oracle 11G are deployed. In this case, is that possible to sequence Java 1.6 update 45, Oracle instantclient_10_2 and my web application into an AppV package? Will the AppV package smart enough to use the AppV prerequisites not the locally installed ones? Thanks.

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As far as I can tell of...Oracle client and Java should have no issue to install side by side after proper configuration on the packages.

If you bundling all, what I aware is that there should be a cache location of the appv pkg, ur config in the appv pkg might hav to change accordingly if u need to refer to it.

Answered 06/04/2014 by: dinozilla
Orange Senior Belt

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This is my age old question from back in 2004, with the promise of 'they can work isolated', or not isolated, there must be a rule about how it works right?? I personally like to have things like Java and Oracle outside of the App-V environment.

But eventually you will need two versions of something.

Luckily with Java's and Oracles, they can co exist physically nicely.

My normal approach is to get the latest versions phsyically installed on the 'Core build' (NOT Image). If the app you are trying to sequence absolutely has to have an older version of either, then put it in the sequence.

Yes, you could use DSC (or App-V Grouping) but really, I am not a fan.

Java, for the sake of 50 -100 MB, just sequence the versions you need with each app.

For Oracle, at around 1GB, I am more willing to use DSC. Also you are less likely to need quite so many Oracle versions, so DSC would not be so onerous.

Generally you will find it sorts itself out in the App-V environment. It starts 'inside' if it cant find what its looking for it goes 'outside', the trick is to figure out how its looking for what it needs.

BUT, be aware of the FTAs in the Java package, (I would remove them, if you dont the Older Java will have the FTAs for Java stuff) you may have to look at how the Java part of the app is initiated, I normally do some jigging of the jar or jnlp file, and force it to open with the Virtual Java client.

Lets us know how you get on.

Answered 06/05/2014 by: Badger
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Thanks for all your help guys! It ended up with my client not planning to upgrade Java and Oracle client, so I do not need to worry about this right now. But it is still good to know. Thanks again!

Answered 06/09/2014 by: nbafifa02
Senior Yellow Belt

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