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I have installed a couple of the widgets but this is what I get. When I click on the title line the tickets are there (but don't show up in the graphs)

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  • Did you mean to include a screen shot? Which widgets did you install?
  • I think I have found the answer. I was in KACE as an Admin. When I went in as a normal user they worked. The only thing then is how do a make a widget only show what is pertinent to that user group. I.e. is showed all active tickets in the graph but when I clicked on the title is showed the subset (i.e. only the tickets in my search).

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I am not sure you can, the dashboard widgets are generic graphs driven by generic sql reports, so at present there is no way to tweak or change the graph to suit your exact requirements
Answered 05/05/2018 by: Hobbsy
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  • Thanks for your reply. Darn. it is one of the selling points (we have a couple of key ops areas who have really good dashboards set up in Salesforce which show then just what their team is up to - they are reluctant to move when they cant do the same in KACE)
    • That’s precisely why we created https://www.itninja.com/blog/view/all-in-one-dashboard-views