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Bit of background:

I'm very familiar with deploying Windows 7 via WDS/MDT using server 08 R2.
However ELI5 please. let's assume I don't know anything. I'm just thinking I have a small hole of knowledge that might make me able to put this puzzle together.

The Idea:
We have a k2000 appliance that we've never really used since we bought it a few years ago.
I want to start deploying EFI Windows 8.1.

So far:
K2000 is updated to latest/greatest not on BETA.
I've updated the kbe environment to winpe 5
I have a scripted install of windows 8.1 EFI that I can deploy vanilla to a Venue/laptop ok. This tells me my driver feed is good, and I haven't had any driver issues.
I have not made my own unattend file yet because I'm trying to simply deploy vanilla windows 8.1 at the moment. I figured once I can do that ok, I can start to customize my process more, with network group, local, and keys. 
When I install 8.1 using the scripted, it works fine and shows one main partition for C:
I'm making 100% sure that every time I try this, all the options are set for UEFI and secure boot ON. 
I made a kbe usb tool to boot the computers.

My problem:
I keep trying to sysprep and deploy my image to another laptop (same model), but something I'm not doing right is messing up the partitions, and next thing I know, I don't have a boot entry in the BIOS (F2 setup).

I know enough to know that I need to run sysprep generalize oobe shutdown when I'm about to take the image. I know enough to know that I have to boot back to Kace and capture the image. Do I capture all the partitions? What should my task sequence under "System images" be composed of? Does anyone want to share a screenshot of what their "run pre-installation tasks" should look like? 

Is there a guide for this? One for using k2000 to do this? Should I call support from dell? I feel like I'm a stupid new user, but I know my way around windows 7 so well. Pretty frustrating lol. Thanks in advance, feel free to put me in my place and tell me what i'm doing wrong. 
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UEFI typically creates several additional hidden partitions that store the boot information. You will need to un-hide these using diskpart before you capture the image. You will want to capture all of them.

When setting up your pre-install task sequence, the K2000 has a couple of built in pre- and post- installation tasks for UEFI. You might try starting with those to see if they work to deploy your sysprep'd vanilla install.

I ended up creating my own, as the built in only creates 3 partitions. I wanted 4 so I could have the Windows recovery tools onboard, and also have a Push Button Recovery Image. Here is a link to a good TechNet article that I used to create my tasks for creating and applying the partitions:

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  • You can avoid capturing the boot partition (which is typically the S: drive in most diskpart scripts) by using the following command after the image is applied:

    bcdboot c:\windows /s s: /f UEFI

The technet article is good information, may want to also see the following links which can tie in the tasks/commands and how they are used for the K2000 image deployment.
Answered 10/23/2015 by: TheAustinDave
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