what is difference between software and application?
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Generally the two terms are interchangable - I certainly use both to mean a program installed on a computer.

Technically, according to Wikipedia, 'application' is short for 'application software' and is different to 'system software'. The former denotes a program that is used for a specific task by a user, the later something used by the OS and not interfaced with by the user directly.


Hope that clears things up,


P.S. - with a quick Internet search you would have been able to find this information for yourself.
Answered 08/07/2014 by: dunnpy
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What is the difference between an application and a utility... or a tool and a utility....

I cover this in my training classes, but basically only to get people arguing. Its a small pleasure.

In essence there is no real difference.

I think the reason this question is being asked is, someone is working on a project, and some enlightened PM has said "we are going to package applications, but NOT Software"

or maybe the other way around, but the thinking would be VisualStudio is 'software' used to create applications.

We will not 'package' VisualStudio (software), but we will 'package' the applications that are produced by our developers using VisualStudio.

Answered 08/21/2014 by: Badger
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