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We are getting ready to migrate from a physical K2000 with offboard storage to a virtual K2000. We only have about 400GB of images. However looking at the storage report, I see an insane amount of "other data" listed. 

Storage Space:

69.95% full

K2000 data: 367.8 GB

Other (non-K2000) data: 3.4 TB

Free: 1.6 TB

Total: 5.4 TB

What is it?  

I'm trying to size out my new offboard storage, and am trying to figure out if I really need all that space. 

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  • What version Do you have?

    This might help:
    • Running 4.1.182. Yes, I know, old. :)

      (Once migrated to virtual we are upgrading)

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If I remember from what Corey told me that was petemp and uploaded files for post tasks. It was a few years ago so may be wrong

Answered 02/21/2019 by: SMal.tmcc
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Follow this KB article Migrate to a new K2000, I believe you do not need to worry about PETEMP or cached files , just your Images, KBEs, drivers and Tasks:

Migrate to new K2000

--This Guide is useful when going from physical to virtual or virtual to virtual (different Host)--

Basically, you need to:

1-export your Images, KBEs, drivers, and tasks to the Samba Restore folder, via Settings > Package Management > Export SDA Packages

2-Copy them to somewhere else (your HDD or an external HDD)

3-Setup your Virtual Machine following one of the PDF guides (Hyper-V 2012 or VMware).

4-Get into the virtual machine Samba Share, and copy your exported packages into the Restore Folder

5-Go to Settings > Package Management > Import SDA Components and import them into the new one.

6-Re configure your network and LDAP (if any) settings.

Answered 02/21/2019 by: Channeler
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