Checking here to see if anyone has found some way to remove the WELCOME tab from the ticket layout page.  I'm to understand that this could be done using the jquery plugin, but exhausting all routes before trying to pay them for a modification feature for the appliance we paid for (sigh).


If not, has anyone found a good use for the welcome page?  I know it just recreates the login page writing that you customize in the general settings, but is there a way to further configure this page?

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  • We use the welcome back to

    1. For right now logging in since the KBOX doesn't have single sign on
    2. Post information and any SLA regarding tickets that are opened and expected response times
    3. If we have different queues, we put a description of each queue so the user knows where to submit their ticket.
    4. Information regarding any events or issues that might be happening

    The Kace support page is a good example

  • yeah and that is all great when Logging in, we were just trying to see if there was any main point to having the tab there after login, since they are forced to login everytime (thus forced to see our system downage awareness banners)

    Posting SLA's within it is a good idea though, and justifies keeping it around. Thanks.
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But if you _REALLY_ want to remove it, you need to buy professional services and some guy will modify your box on your wishes, which is not possible via the UI. They will write new code for you. (or modify old code)
I don't think you will get much advantage from it, as @nsah commented, this page is interesting and may be important for you too.

Answered 06/14/2013 by: Nico_K
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  • Yeah well aware of the Jquery plugin from Proservices, just trying to see how much can be done without it. Trying to get every bit of juice out of it without modifying the HTML. Thanks.
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