I could have sworn that there used to be a WOL script arleady in my KBOX... now i do not see it. has anyone had an issue with scripts disappearing after an appliance update? i have the latest version.... just curious... 

Since i cannot find that script anymore. Maybe point me to an awesome article about making a WOL script. Thanks!
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  • I'm missing the script as well. I believe it was to enable the wake on LAN setting on the machine? I've been looking for a way to turn WOL on remotely and have seen multiple articles sating to just use the default script included with your KBOX, well that's hard to do if it's disappeared. I also haven't found anything detailing what exactly that script contained to be able to recreate it.
  • hmm, I didn't know their was a script as we use "Distribution" - Wake on Lan. I'd very interested in a built in script though, also to use in "Device Actions"!
    • ooooh... yes... yes, i've gone crazy... it's under distro, not scripts....
  • To the best of my knowledge there has never been a script because the KBOX today, can't make BIOS changes.

    You can use the Dell Client Configuration Toolkit and if your model is supported you can use that tool to create an .exe and then use scripting or distribution to execute it.
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