I am going through the instructions of VS silent deployment. Our company has a criteria that a few add/remove display fields should be modified. Eg: Support Phone Number, Support URL and etc. I am checking if there is a way to append these modifications with the Admindeployment.xml file. I am intending to add it with the adminfile instead using a registry file. Please help me out. 

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  • I would lay a wager the only way you will be able to do that will be with a reg file, or possibly a VBS actually modifying the registry (or REG MOD).
  • Badger, thanks for your response. I used config.xml file to do this in the case of Microsoft Office 2013. So are you confirming that config.xml will not work with VS?
  • I'd be very surprised if you could modify this via the XML. I'd be joining Badger with his wager.
  • Rileyz, Yes, I did it using an XML on MS Office 2013. I am looking for a similar way to do that for Visual Studio.
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