I have a k2000 appliance and have been building my images on VMware virtual machines since it's installation.  I was running version 3.something on the k2000 when I started.  I upgraded to 4.0.695 a while back and everything was still working fine.  Yesterday I decided to update to 4.1.182.  After the upgrade I imaged a couple of physical machines just to make sure everything was still working.  Both of the physical machines imaged just fine.  There were some changes I wanted to make to my Win7 image so I booted up one of my VM's, pxe booted into my boot environment, the normal screens flash by and then everything goes black, never making it to the main k2000 page.  I have pasted screen shots below.  I thought maybe I needed to rebuild my boot environment so I downloaded all of the latest drivers and tools and updated which did nothing to fix my VM issue.  I imaged another physical machine after the KBE rebuild and it worked fine, VM still fails.  Our VMware environment is esxi 6.0



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  • what's the VM's network settings? I've had success with bridged rather than NAT
    • According to this article, https://communities.vmware.com/thread/506268
      bridged networking is not available in ESXi 6.0. I do not manage our virtual center and the guy who does is out today. We are going to upgrade ESXi to 6.5 this weekend, I will wait until that is done and then test again. I will post back with my results.
  • Set the NIC to an E1000 in the VM... there are issues with the E1000E and VMNetX3 adaptors unless you have the drivers manually added to the Win PE KBEs. If you're still having problems, call Quest... there are a handful of tethered fixes to 4.1 that might apply.
  • We are having the same problem after update 4.1.182 last week.
  • BIOS/Legacy or UEFI? I have no issues pxe booting my VMs on 4.1.182.
    • Bios is what the VM's were set to, all Fail. I tried UEFI today and that booted just fine with the exception of the mouse not working once fully pxe booted.
  • I'm running esxi and 4.1.182 and was able to successfully pxe boot a legacy vm with Hardware version set to 8,9.10 and 11. They require E1000 NIC.
    • The NIC is set to E1000. I was able to PXE boot by changing from BIOS to UEFI, but this does me no good, need BIOS to work.
  • Our setup - Legacy (not EFI), esxi 5.5, VM ver. 10, E1000 NIC. Hardware boots up fine and runs KBE, VM will boot if I download and boot to .iso of KBE mounted to CD drive. But with PXE it starts the process (as shown in screenshots above) and then goes to blank screen instead of the white HTA screen with the options.
  • After checking my VM settings. NIC set to E1000 and ESXi 6.0. i changed the Boot environment from EFI to BIOS and thats now booting past the KBE loader in to the KACE gui for image capture. Not ideal as we need to set the environment to EFI for new devices coming in but this can be set in a post install task. Currently updating K2000 to 4.1 patch and will see if i can use EFI with that
  • I replied individually to a couple of the comments but wanted to post my findings for all. We finished the esxi 6.5 upgrade. I powered up one of my VM's and pxe booted it, dies as shown in the screen shots above. I check the nic settings, e1000. I checked the bios settings, bios. I tried changing from bios to uefi and then it would boot into the KACE gui.

    Halfway through writing this post I decided to create a brand new VM in the esxi 6.5 environment, nic e1000, bios=bios. the damn thing booted up into the kace gui and is taking an image as I type. The mouse did not work in the gui so I just used tab and arrow keys to navigate.

    If anyone knows what I need to change to make the VM's that were created in the esxi 6.0 environment work that would be a great piece of information. If not I can start over.
  • Tried everything can't get ours to work
    • Just spent 2 hours on this. My issue was the CPU cores. Set it to 1 and it booted.
      • Thank you, this worked for me as well! Who would have thought...poor programming on someones part.
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